A nice moment

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Clarke was laying with her belly down and her back exposed with the blankets down by her butt and with her arms under the pillows and was in between the states of consciousness and sleep when she started feeling soft touches of lips on her bare back, going from the curve of where her back and butt met all the way up to her neck and she started opening her eyes, just then feeling the touch of breast and a weight being put on top of her and she smiled realizing who was doing that as the memories of what happened between them just a few moments ago came rushing back in and she sighed in content and with happiness filling her heart.

"Are you usually this romantic and sweet to a girl you just sleep with or should I feel special for being the only one who gets this treatment from the almighty Commander Lexa kom Trikru?" Clarke asked smiling as she heard a chuckle from the other girl. "You should feel very special. All the other girls would have woken up to an empty bed." Lexa said kissing her lower back again and Clarke smiled closing her eyes at the feeling. "Just how many other girls are we talking about here, huh?" Clarke asked as Lexa kissed her way up putting half of her weight on Clarke before she bit her on the shoulder and whispered. "More than you would like to know." She said and bit the blonde's ear.

"Great, I'm dating Don Juan." She said smiling. "Who is that?" Lexa asked as she continued with the kisses. "Don Juan is a book I read on the Ark when I got it from my Aunt Callie on my 16 birthday. It tells the story of Don Juan, a man considered the greatest lover of all times. He slept with more than a thousand women before he was even 21. And since I know by experience that sex is one of your greatest talents right along with diplomacy..." Clarke said smiling and Lexa chuckled against her skin. "And considering what you just said, I think the nickname is fitting." She finished with a smile and even without looking at the brunette, she could feel that Lexa was smiling too.

"Well, I'm 23 and have most certainly not slept with a thousand women though the sex being a talent part, I will let you be the judge of that." Lexa said kissing her shoulder and Clarke chuckled at her. "But seriously, was there a lot? Should I be worried or jealous?" Clarke asked her and Lexa sighed before pulling away which made Clarke open her eyes and turn her head to the other side to look at the girl, noticing that the blanket was on both of their bottoms and the only thing covering the brunette's breast was her own right arm draped over them and Clarke thought Lexa looked more beautiful than anything she had ever seen before but she tried to focus on their conversation.

"Is something wrong? Did I offend you?" Clarke asked the girl who started caressing the blonde's back with her left arm which felt very good. "You didn't offend me. To be honest, there were a lot of women who graced my company, even more than one at the same time occasionally." Lexa said to her and Clarke was shocked. "You had a threesome?" she asked and Lexa frowned and Clarke shook her head. "When three people have sex." She explained and Lexa nodded both in understanding and in confirmation of her question. "Even more than that actually." She said apologetically and Clarke was really shocked by now.

"Oh my God. I can't believe it." She said and Lexa sighed, it was not something she wanted the girl to know or something she was proud of but she also didn't want to have secrets from her love so Lexa took a deep breath before starting to tell the story. "It happened right after I lost Costia. I was 17 and I was so angry at everyone, at myself for not protecting her, at Titus for his words and teaching, at Anya for not being there for me all the time, at Nia for taking Costia from me, just about everyone and I didn't want to feel so empty and in so much pain so it started about one night, a month after Costia had died,"

"I was drinking at a celebration, The Harvest Festival if I remember correctly, and this girl started flirting with me and I thought why not and had sex with her and for a few moments, it felt good but then, I would look beside me and it wasn't Costia there and it would get bad, so I would leave and it became an addiction. I would do it for that one moment of greatness and leave the next. It went on for about two years before Anya and Aden talked to me and got me to realize that doing that wasn't the way to deal with my grief and I stopped. Having meaningless sex and I also stopped letting myself care. I started believing Titus' teachings of 'love is weakness' and all of that. Three years later, I met you." Lexa explained.

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