Real Warm Welcome

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After another couple of hours waking through the woods, they were finally arriving at TonDC which made Clarke feel weird especially because of what Finn did to this people and what she let happen to this place, as well as what it happened the last time they made this trip and why they made it in the first place. Last time, it took them more than a day to get there but this time, the trip was made much faster since they didn't have to do all the preparations they did before to carry a body.

Finn's body, which was brought here to be burnt along with the bodies of the people he had murdered trying to find her. It was weird thinking that he massacred innocent people in this very place. She could still remembering being in the woods and hearing the gun go off as she took on a run along with Bellamy and Octavia and the sight she was faced with was one she never expected the sweet and peacemaker boy to be the cause of it. She hadn't wanted to admit but for a moment, she had been afraid of him.

And it was ever weirder remembering that she let a bomb drop on them, a bomb that killed 250 of the villagers, a bomb she and Lexa knew about and did nothing, could do nothing to stop it without jeopardizing the whole endeavor against the Mountain, which cost her a lot including her mother's view on her and her friendship with the younger Blake who never recovered from it. And now, they both were here without having done any of those things, in her case, at least not yet. She didn't plan on letting it happen again but still, the guilt of the pain she caused directly or indirectly came right back at her and Lexa noticed it straight away.

"Are you okay?" She asked noticing the change in the blonde's behavior who looked at her and at Gustus, Anya and Indra. They spent the majority of the time talking along with the generals behind them and Clarke was sure that the concept they had of her had changed during this trip for the better since they weren't treating her as much of an idiot as they had before and she couldn't be happier. If it really was like that, then she could have three more people who would support her relationship with Lexa and that could make a huge difference when the time comes for that to be known and she really hoped she had won them over, at least a little.

"Yeah, I am. Just a lot in my mind with the Mountain and all." Clarke said and the Commander nodded, understanding that whatever was going on with Clarke, it had to do with the past and she had a pretty good and very accurate idea on what it was clouding her girlfriend's mind and knew that they couldn't exactly talk about it in front of everyone so she stayed quiet as they finally came to a stop in front of the gates of the village. Lexa got down from her horse and moved to help Clarke get down from hers which brought them a little too close for some Sky People's liking who watched the scene.

"Thank you." Clarke said as Lexa gather the self-restraint to pull back and nodded before walking towards her own people and asking Anya over and whispering in her ear something to which the woman nodded and moved to help Gustus. "Weapons." The man said and Lincoln was the first one to give up his knife. "We need to disarm before we enter." He said before going back to Octavia's side. Bellamy looked distrusting but he gave his rifle anyway, soon everyone did the same and Anya went to check on Raven and Clarke had a small smile as she noticed Lexa watching both of her generals attentively to see if Gustus will be stupid and do the same thing.

"What did you say to Anya?" Clarke whispered to Lexa. "I asked her to keep an eye on Gustus and to check Raven. I had words with him and the others but I am not sure if he wouldn't still disobey me, better to be prepared." Lexa whispered back and Clarke nodded her head. "What saddened you just now?" Lexa asked so only she could hear and Clarke sighed. "I will tell you later when we are alone. It's not a conversation to be done in public." Clarke answered and Lexa nodded as they stood in silence watching.

From what she could see, everything was going fine and Clarke already knew that this time knowing what they did, Raven would check herself and the others a hundred times over to make sure that no poison vial was on them and if there was, she would make sure to get rid of it to not cause any problem between their people and avoid Gustus' death from happening again so Clarke was relaxed about that. Gustus and Anya turned to them and said that everything was clear and Lexa nodded before turning and walking with Clarke finally joining her people and having Finn stick to her side again as the gates opened and they walked in and started hearing the cries for the Commander.

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