Chapter 43 - twins

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3 weeks later


I was in the back of Grayson's Porsche, Ethan was in the passenger seat and Grayson was driving.
I could feel tension in the air on our way to the airport.

"It's just two weeks and a few days." Grayson said.

"Shut up Gray, you know it's not JUST two weeks and a few days for us" Ethan replied.

Grayson was not coming with us, it was just Ethan and I. Grayson needed to stay to edit the videos they filmed during the last 3 weeks and go to many different meetings they couldn't skip.

The twins were nervous to be that far away from each other.
They literally spend the last week together every single seconds.
Ethan were sleeping in Grayson's bed, they filmed almost everyday and just enjoyed each other presence as if it was the last time they were seeing each other.

Emma, James and Bryant planned to stay with Grayson to help him with the editing work and to distract him from the fact that Ethan was on the other side of the country.

They planned to never let him be home alone.


"FaceTime me everyday, you're not allowed to miss a single day, Gray." Ethan said.

"You know I won't, e."

Ethan nodded, he knew it was going to be tough for the both of them, but he just couldn't let me go to New York by myself.
We tried to found a way to bring Grayson with us, but the meetings couldn't be delayed and they were too important for their career to be skipped.

"Mao, I swear to God you text me or call me if anything happens." Grayson told me while looking at me in the rear view mirror.

"I promise."

"And when you guys go to Jersey, please do not still my clothes or use my motorcycle." He said.
"I promise I'm not gonna use your motorcycle." I told him, laughing.

Grayson laughed along.

"I was actually talking to you Ethan." He said more seriously.

He turned towards his brother a few seconds.

"Do NOT use my motorcycle, Ethan." He warned him.
"Why ? You're scared that I'm gonna crash it like I did with mine ?" Ethan asked, smirking.
"Exactly !"

Ethan put is hand on his hearts, faking to be hurt.

"I see you care more about your motorcycle than my life. You're a very good brother, thanks." He said.
"Oh shut up you assclown, you know what I meant."

They laughed together and I couldn't help but smile.

To be honest I think Grayson is more scared at the thought of Ethan getting hurt once again, than at the thought of his motorcycle getting ruined.
He will never admit that though.

At least not in front of Ethan.


When we finally parked in front of the airport, I got a little nervous.

What if something happens in the plain ?

Maybe I should have told my doctors about the trip. I don't know. They will probably be very mad at me for leaving without warning anyone, but who cares ?
Staying in LA won't change anything.

"You guys have everything?" Grayson asked.
"Yep. Let's Go." Ethan replied.

We took our suitcases out of the car and walked to the airport. Gray went with us, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with us.

At one point, just before we could go in the airport, Ethan stopped and turned towards me.

"There going to be a lot of people in there. Some of them are going to want to take pictures with me and Gray and some of them will probably take pictures without asking, so stay calm, it's gonna be okay." He told me.
"Your fans doesn't know about me." I said.
"Are they going to talk to me ? What I'm I supposed to say ? I mean, what I'm I allowed to say ?" I asked them.

Ethan and Grayson exchanged a look, as if they were agreeing on something.

"They dont know about you, so you can do whatever you want. I don't want to hide you, so if you want to say that we are friends it's totally fine and if you want to say that we are together it's also totally fine." Ethan told me while Grayson was nodding.
"Are you sure ?" I asked.
"You're part of the family now, Mao. We don't want to hide you." Grayson said.

I nodded.

"Okay. Well I pray for no having to talk, but if they do ask me some things, I'll tell them the truth because i can't lie."


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