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The year is 2021

“The Prophecy” (By Jordan Bryant) takes place inside London, both above and below ground. Society has been firmly split between those who choose to live underground known as "Rodents" in the anarchic world of the Underground postings known as "The Network". However, they have to fight off constant attacks from the organized raiding parties and bandits, who reside above ground. Also, living primarily above ground is “The Collective”, who oppose the Network and are trying to destabilize them from the inside using spies and informants to undermine their operations. Religion plays a major part, with a twisted form of Christianity overwhelming the weak nation of new – world born people.

The main character "Lozada" lives at Square One, at a time when the civil war between the Collective and the Network is at its peak. “The Frenzy”, a rogue alliance loosely associated with the Collective Leader, kidnap Lozada and his men, they aim to sell him off as a slave or a bribe in a deal with the Collective. However, the Frenzy’s main intentions are to buy young exuberant scavengers, to maximise chances of locating “The Prophecy”.

All assemblages get mention of this Prophecy, an ancient remnant of ancestral knowledge created by “The Masters”; a book that would eventually steer civilisation from a crazy frantic world to a new phase of existence. Lozada and his carefully assigned organization made of him and three other audacious characters swiftly set off to find the book and create a divine group of rational people to prevent the prophecy going into insane minds such as the Frenzy. But as creatures lurk in the shadows and many extreme groups will murder any resistance, an anxious hunt for the so called prophecy begins which will test the boundaries of insanity, power, and corruption…

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