♡Dilemma|Part Three♡

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Your eyes fluttered open, and after a long moment - you realized that you were in a hospital room. Your entire body was in pain, and your movement had seemed to be impossible. Your eyes scanned the room before landing on Michael's form, seated on a chair beside the bed.

He looked at you. His eyes were red at the rims, indicating that he hadn't slept in a while. You frowned before speaking.


"You were in a car accident," he sighed. "You've been unconscious for four days now,"

Your eyes widened slightly, however - you quickly pulled yourself together again. Suddenly, the memories of that fateful evening, ran through your mind. Tears began to stream down your face as Michael stood up.

He looked frustrated.

"Michael...?" you frowned weakly. He balled his fists before turning to the wall - punching a hole in it. You jumped a little from the sudden motion. "Michael, what the hell is wrong?" you shook your head, hoisting yourself up gently so that you'd be sitting up.

Your body was in intense pain, but you brushed it aside.

"I failed," he shook his head, beginning to sob. "I...I failed!" he growled, punching the wall again. His knuckles began to bleed, but he didn't seem to care.

"Michael, please...just tell me what's wrong," you sighed. His attitude and your pain were not the best combination.

"We were parents," he turned to face you. "You were pregnant," he bit his lip, trying to suppress several more sobs that threatened to wreck his composure.

Your heart sank upon hearing those words. The idea that your unborn child had been killed was horrific, yet - a part of you seemed to have expected it. It was as if, deep down - you knew that something so dreadful was bound to happen.

"I...." was all you could manage. You were speechless with shock. You heart had broken, and so had your composure. The tears began to stream freely down your face - making you sniffle a little.

However, instead of bothering to comfort you, Michael walker out of the room. He seemed almost..angry with you. But the truth was, you didn't know that you were pregnant - and the news came as a horrific shock to you.

Without another word, Michael slammed the door shut behind him - making you let out a tired sigh.



After I had left the hospital, I couldn't bear to deal with my thoughts on my own. With a clouded mind, I had decided to drive down to Lisa's place - just to talk.

After getting through the massive crowds that had flocked outside of the hospital, I was on my way to Lisa's residence.

I drove for quite a while before I arrived at the beautiful property, eventually bringing the car engine to a stop.

Getting out of the car, I slammed the door shut before walking up to the house. The scenery was beautiful, full of bright green shrubs - and colorful flowers.

I knocked gently at the door, and almost immediately, it opened to reveal Lisa. When she saw me, her eyes widened momentarily before a smile broke onto her face.

"Hey," she leaned against the door frame with a flirty smile. "What are you doing here?"

"I just....I'd like to talk..." I shook my head. "(Y/N)'s in the hospital, and..." I trailed off. "I'm just...a complete mess,"

Suddenly, Lisa reached out and pulled me by the collar, toward her.

"Oh, I have an idea in mind that you won't be able to resist,"

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