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The school girl's sweat-drenched hair cascaded down her back in large loose curls. She staggered along the pavement, as a surge of tears blurred her vision. She hurriedly took out the last of the document that she had managed to conceal beneath the creases of her school shirt; and momentarily turned back. She frantically tore at the sheets and continued stumbling along, panting loudly as she tried to run. She stopped abruptly, and turned into a shadowy, unlit back alleyway; she then began chewing ravenously at the paper and proceeded to hastily swallow it. As she bent over, she lay her hands on her knees, and urgently hit her fist against her chest desperate for the document to pas quickly along her throat. She continued running but it wasn't long before she was halted by the pain in her throat and her tired limbs.

She looked behind her once more and before she could utter a single word, a malevolent figure appeared before her, she crawled away, as he hadn't yet made a move.

"Where's the rest of it?" He threw the dampened sheets of paper at her. She looked up at him in confusion. How did he manage to find those?

"At least give me the f*cking code, I know you know it, don't you?" His nostrils flared but the rest of his face remained expressionless. "Come here."

She continued crawling desperately.

"I said,-" He walked towards her. "Come here!" He repeated, this time louder. He kicked her twice in her side. She gasped and collapsed onto the concrete.

"Because of you I have nothing to live for." He whispered so calmly he appeared to be menacing. He stood directly underneath a streetlamp and for that split second, their eyes trapped one another's and entwined almost as if one's expression was mirroring the others'.

It was evident that her unyielding gaze got under his skin, so he attempted to stare straight through her. She observed him intently; he was tall and muscular, he wore a hooded jumper and a cap, so low it hid his forehead and eyelids. But she could see his eyes unmistakably. That luminous warm gold colour. Those deep set brown eyes. She felt as if they were piercing through her. She clutched onto her stomach, and managed to get up onto her feet. She mustered all the energy she could and spat at him in disgust.

The light pitter patter of rain fell upon them and she considered it to be a God's presence. He was at hand; ready to cleanse away the evil occurrence that was to take place tonight. He was ready to wash it away the way Jesus did the sins of mankind, when he died on the cross. She looked up into the sky; the clouds hid from her and she was greeted by slightly heavier raindrops.

It was time...

He wiped the saliva off his clothes and his lips curled into a smile. "But unlike you, I've got nothing to lose." He chuckled gently. Does he know? How does he know? She thought in a panic.

The rain gradually became heavier and heavier.

"What do you want from me?"

"So you know I want something...?"

"Just leave me alone!" She screwed up her face irritable and retorted.

"You've got something that I fact it belongs to me."

She could see him smirk down at her once more; he then bent down so they were at eye level, "And I want it now." His right arm swung towards her neck and he seized her by her throat and flung her onto the concrete causing her body to smack into the rain. She balled herself up in a fetal position, but her eyes never abandoned his. Maybe it was the shock of his belligerence or the sheer astonishment at his strength. She felt her heartbeat hammering against the thick layer of her skin.

It didn't have to be this way...

"Look at you; you turned into a fat piece of sh*t, haven't you?" He sneered at her as he knelt onto the ground beside her to obtain a fistful of her hair before tugging aggressively at her. "And to think I once loved you." He scoffed.

"Please, please...don't." She pleaded pathetically.

He pulled her back onto her feet by her feet by her hair as she continued to weep loudly.

He reached into his pocket and retrieved a syringe containing a transparent liquid.

"You going to tell me now?" He asked her. But she failed to answer him when she felt the journey beginning of a warm liquid gliding down her thighs. Then a rush followed, which ended with a sudden splash onto the already wet pavement.

"I didn't hear you!" He exclaimed almost as if he were amused.

"I-I-I-" He injected the syringe into her neck and stroked her hair.

"In two hours, you'll be wishing you'd told me, goodnight sweetheart." His wet lips kissed her dampened forehand and he allowed her fragile body slip onto the floor, she watched him walk away, he strolled into the darkness, with his hands tucked into his pockets casually and even when she could no longer see his silhouette she could still heed the faint sound of him whistling lightly.

It was not until a few moments later that the excruciating pain took over her body and she let out a shriek. She clutched her stomach and gasped for air desperately. Her darkened school uniform clung to her skin. Her hands felt along the wet concrete for something to grasp onto. She grunted in agony, surprisingly it wasn't effects of the injection that had taken its toll on her. Her eyes scanned her surroundings, her chest heaved up and down slowly. Bits of newspaper flew with the wind and rats scampered along, she sighed and wiped the mixture of rain and tears from her face. She took a few deep breathes and crawled onto an old tattered sofa, clutching her trembling knees. She shivered uncontrollably.

She glared up at the sky with a heavy heart.

Her chest tightened and she felt an outward thrusting between her legs.

"Argh!" She screamed out then let out an outburst of staggered breaths. Her slippery hands fell from her knees caps as she continued to gasp in utter agony. She tore at her undergarments frantically but her jittery hands slipped away; she tried again, this time she was successful. She clung onto the edges of sofa's fabric, pushing her bent legs against her chest and cried out into the night. Her cries echoed and were carried away by the darkness, animated by the sound of the pouring rain. Her eyes dilated as she continued making fists out of her hands gripping the sofa tightly. Panting. Breathless. Crying.


She felt herself drift in and out of consciousness as she wrapped the baby into her thin leather jacket. That luminous warm gold colour.Those deep set brown eyes, just as she thought. The baby was shades of purple and red, still sticky, newly exposed and drenched in placenta - fresh out of its mother's womb. The only distinctive sound the girl could decipher was the baby's cries...

As she limped away, it's cried never left her, she felt her whole body run cold, her heart beat quickened and the hairs on her neck rose. She made loud, gasping noises, staggering along in the darkness, she dropped onto her knees and she felt herself taking her lasts breaths. A million thoughts ran across her mind in that moment, she thought about the life she had just brought into the world and smiled.

© 2010 MrsMadSwag

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