Let me Love you

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No One's POV
Kris sighed and sat back down. "Let me love you again Tao." Kris moved his position onto the grass, looking up at the night sky when he heard some giggling. He looked to the left and behind some bushes, he saw Xiumin and Chen together, laughing and holding hands. But then Xiumin got serious, looking as if he was going to cry. Kris stood up and crept silently closer to them.
"We're together but Tao and Kris aren't. And it's all my fault. I couldn't just leave it and go." Chen sighed. "Xiu, it'll all work out soon. Maybe Tao is playing hard to get. You know? Well, that's what Chanyeol told me." Chen shrugged his shoulders. He looked up and widened his eyes when he saw Kris standing there. "Kris!"
Xiumin looked up and saw what Chen saw, Kris running back inside the house, full speed.
-Next Day-
"Yawn, I'm tired." Baekhyun said as he got up, left his tent, and stretched. Chanyeol, right behind him, just nodded his head and went to start a fire, to make eggs.
Sehun, Luhan, already up, went to look for firewood as Xiumin came back from showering and Chen entering the public showers. Tao and Kris still inside their own tents, sleeping. Lay went to wake Tao up as Suho woke Kris up.
"Good morning!" Tao said as he left his tent, Lay following behind. "Morning." Everyone said, minding their own business, making Tao pout. "Kyungsoo and Kai should arrive at any minute." Chanyeol said, putting down his phone.
Tao's POV
Everyone is here, eating breakfast. Including Kyungsoo and Kai. They arrived shortly after I had brushed my teeth. I can't help but think about last night. Should I go back to Kris?
No! He'll think I'm too easy if I do. But I don't want this to happen again. What if he moves on, while I stay behind, still loving him?
Ugh, whatever. It's camp, we have a week to enjoy, have fun, and relax. I'll just act like nothing happened... For now.
"Okay guys, let's go canoeing." Chanyeol called out, heading towards the lake with Baekhyun. "We're going in pairs so, you know, couples together and sorry Tao, you're with Kris."
I pouted but immediately put on my happy face. "It's okay." I called out, I think I surprised Kris, seeing his wide eyes looking at me. Chanyeol nodded his head, leading us to get our canoes.
Kris walked beside me, looking down. He would glance up every know and then, but it felt awkward to be with him.
"I'll be in the front." Kris said, putting his life jacket beside him and pushing the canoe out towards the lake. Chanyeol clapped his head and looked around, "You can do halfway or go through the whole entire course. Your choice. Me and Baek will do halfway. So if you decide to do halfway, stay near us."
We all nodded our heads, some boarding(like me) while the other pushed the canoe. Kris ran and jumped in, moving the canoe more than I would've like so I screamed in shock a little.
"Sorry babe." Kris looked back at me and blushed. "Uh, sorry I d-didn't mean to add.. The ending.."
I shook my head and pointed straight ahead, "Focus, and paddle. I want to do halfway."
"Look! There's a resting stop. Let's rest for a little yes?"
We were canoeing for who knows how long and I'm dead. My arms hurt which is weird, but whatever. I'm a little hungry so we're going to rest for a few minutes.
"Aahh." Even though it's only rocks, it still felt nice to sit down on something else than a metal flat seat.
But one thing I realized is that we're the only ones. No Chanyeol and Baekhyun, no one. Not even other campers.
"Kris, where is everyone?"
Kris stopped eating his sandwich and hesitated. I was a little worried but then he said, "They stopped halfway. Why? Didn't you see them?"
I got up and stormed over to Kris.
"What on earth?! I wanted to stop halfway! I even told you! Why didn't you stop with the others?"
Kris sighed and threw his sandwich to the ground. The look on his face scared me. He got up and next thing I know, his arms are wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him, his head resting on my shoulder, I can hear little sobs coming out. "I just wanted it to be us." I closed me eyes, cherishing this moment. But I realize what I'm doing.
I pulled back from Kris' grasp and moved a few steps back. "Kris, I don't love you, I don't like you, I don't want anything to do with you! Can't you understand?"
He slowly walked closer to me, tears all gone, no emotion on his face.
"Don't lie to me." He growled, "I know you cut your self because of me. I know you're playing hard to get. You still love me Tao, and I still love you. Stop the act. I'm deeply sorry for what I did. But you have to forgive me! Tao, I know I did bad, but all I want is you. I want you to be by my side, loving me."
This is too much I can't.
"I can't Kris. I can't."

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