Chapter 2

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Yesterday I met the most perfect girl. She might have been slightly shorter than average and very delicate but she was perfect in ever way. Her huge gray eyes with long dark lashes and the little freckle under her left eye. Her small button like nose. Her pink plump lips that where oh so sweet. She wasn't tan but she wasn't pale, her collar bones that where noticeable and her nice cheek bones. She wasn't skinny, she had good curves and a great ass with a good set of boob. Her smile was perfect and then her laugh. Words can't describe her amazing god gift to man laugh.

When I kissed her I don't know why but I couldn't stop thinking about her. I have always just had girls as one night stands, not girlfriend thing but her. I don't know I barely know her and she already going non stop in my mind. I slowly got out of my hotel bed and grabbed my phone. It was already 8 pm. I texted Rose telling her I'm coming by in 20 minutes for the date.

I got up, changed into khakis cargo shorts and a black v neck shirt. I slipped on my shoes as I was leaving my hotel to go to pick her up. As I got there I texted her I was here. I saw her run out the doors of the hotel. Her big gray eyes scanned around and stopped at me. A smile formed on her face as she walked over to me. She looked like she put some time in her appearance. She had her blond hair in curls, her makeup seemed perfect to the pin point and she had on a simple black dress.

"Hey" she said smiling looking up at me.

"Hey" I said swinging my arm around her as I started walking with her.

"Where are we going?" she asked me as she wrapped her arm around my torso, leaning closer to myself.

"I was thinking we can get some frozen yogurt" I said slipping my hand down and grabbing hers, with my arm still around hers.

"Frozen yogurt?" she asked making me frown.

"Shit, you don't like it, we could go to a cafe or something else" I rambled as I panic. I wanted this to be as close to perfect as I can make it.

"I absolutely love frozen yogurt" she said smiling at me.

"You do?" I asked smiling.

"Literally my favorite food" she said making me smile even more than i already was, good I did something right. As we got there I saw Rose looking around with big eyes. I grabbed her hand and brought her to the back where all the frozen yogurt was. She got one container, filling it with cake batter yogurt. I filled mine with mint chocolate chip. I watched as she walked over to where all the toppings where. She added chocolate syrup and pink little gummy with some chocolate peanut butter candy.

"Want to eat here or the beach?" I asked her taking her yogurt and paying for it.

"The beach" she answered as I grabbed grabbing two spoons. We ate the yogurt talking about anything and everything as we walked down the beach. It was getting late, the sun was setting making the sun pink. It was perfect.

"I never been ice skating and I always wanted to go" she said as she walk next to me, her hand swinging brushing against mine.

"Well lucky you because I happened to played ice hockey for years" I said smiling at her, hoping it would slightly impress her.

"Yeah lucky me" she said taking a m&m from my yogurt.

"Hey what do you think you are doing?" I asked her pushing her with my hip, I didn't expect her to tip and fall down. I guess I underestimated my strength and she's probably extremely clumsy.

"Crap" I mumbled helping her up as she laughed as she got up from the sand.

"Fattie" she mumbled as she tried to push me but I wouldn't budge.

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