Chapter Fourteen

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At first, the fans hadn’t annoyed me. In fact, that was part of the reason I’d wanted to go to PAX; to meet the fans.

But after an entire week, it began to get to me.

They began to interfere with our classwork and social lives, and it was starting to get on my nerves. Still, I managed to plaster on a smile and sign things and take pictures if people wanted.

All because of Elise.

At this thought, I buried my face in my arms on the desk. It still troubled me. After what Maddie had said, I wasn’t so certain it was Elise anymore; still, I had no evidence to tell otherwise. I didn’t know what to believe.

And honestly? I missed having her around, and I could tell the others did, too. Yet we stuck to our opinion for selfish pride reasons. I sighed heavily.

“Jordan?” asked a sugarcoated voice, and I glanced up wearily, not prepared for another fan while in this state of mind.

There next to my desk stood Veronica Sanders, the most popular girl in school.

More like the most shallow and conceited, if you asked me.

I gave her a tired look. “Yes?”

“You don’t look so good,” she stated with concern that I was sure was eighty-five percent fake. “Are you okay?”

I battled myself on whether I should lie or not. I decided on bits of the truth.

“Just tired of fans smothering us all day,” I half admitted.

Her face was sympathetic. “I’m sorry, Jordan. That Elise Winters really is evil for doing this, isn’t she?”

The second Elise was brought into the conversation, I knew something was up. “Excuse me?”

Veronica shrugged. “I mean, she’s quite the little bitch, isn’t she? Playing you guys like that, just to betray you? You deserve better than her, Jordan.” She looked me in the eye. “You deserve me.”

Instantly I was angry, without knowing exactly why. “Don’t you dare insult Elise like that!”

“Why not?” she fired back. “Everything I said is true, Jordan! I can be better than her!”

“Absolutely not,” I said with disgust. “Why on Earth would I ever want to date a girl like you? You’re selfish, mean, and you go behind people’s backs insulting them! You think that’s the kind of girl I’m into? Then you’re horribly mistaken.” I turned away. “And Elise wasn’t my girlfriend. She was Sean’s,” I added, a touch of jealousy slipping into my voice. I hoped Veronica didn’t detect it; I didn’t want to give her another thing to pounce on.

Veronica made an annoyed sound before I heard the clacking footsteps of her heels retreating. I closed my eyes, trying to calm down, thinking about what Veronica had said. There was something seriously wrong with the whole situation, but I didn’t know what it was.

But I did know I was going to find out.

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