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- It's at your house
- y'all are both wild asf
- do like 5 live streams in nOt more then 1 hour
- both of you order Chinese and when it comes to the door your moms like "uhhhhh did you order Chinese??"
- watch like 10 horror movies
- gossip and spill tea about your cast mates
- "I heard Wyatt got a nose job" *sips tea*
"Ha really? I heard Millie got back together with Jacob saggytits after he cheated oN hEr wiTh sAdiE" *sips tea*
- y'all probably invite Jack and Sophia

- It's at your house
- your parents aren't home so he tryna gEt sOmE fUck
- Like Finn, you gossip
- Play soooo many rounds of Mario cart
- Skype the whole it cast in a group video chat
- "aRe yOu guYs gOnnA fUcK???"
"fiNn sHuT uP!"
- y'all don't sleep at all
- sleep? Never heard of her

- It's at his house
- Both of you are chill and just hang in his room and watch a movie
- probably talk about some deep ass shit
- talk about funny moments with the cast
- both of you fall asleep around 12:00
- I need a Chosen

- It's at your house
- Y'all hyper asf
- You guys do some crazy shit
- "hEy y/n, lEtS liGhT a bAg oF dOg shiT on fiRe anD pUt iT on jAcks dOor sTeP!"
- watch a bunch of horror movies
- watch The fault in our stars and me before you and cry for like hours
- Never sleep

- It's at his house
- He's the most hyper one
- Both of you watch shrek on repeat
- "someBODY oncE tolD mE-
- Watch the conjuring and scare the shit out of yourselves
- that movie is scary man, don't judge
- at 3:00 am you guys go to an abandoned house and y'all didn't even last 5 mins cause you accidentally made a sound and he thot it was like, a ghost and ran out leaving you inside by yourself
- "jAck yOu diCK!"
- end up walking to Walmart
- welp

- It's at his house
- watch anime for 2 hours
- hang with his little sibling for 1 hour
- go to the grocery store for 1 hour
- watch scary movies for 3 hours
- talk with his parents for 1 hour
- eat food for 5 hOurS
- gO to mCdonAldS and pUlL aN alL niGhtEr thErE fOr eVer

- It's at your house
- Do an all nighter live stream
- cute lil cheek kisses
- watch romantic movies
- invite Chosen over
- the three of y'all gossip about Wyatt
- y'all gossip about Sophia
- yAlL goSsiP aBout eVEryONe
- fall asleep around 12:30

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