heaven and hell

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— 'Emery ❤️' would like to facetime !
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The brunette popped up on the screen, looking slightly disheveled. It seemed as if she had been crying but tried to cover it up through concealer and deep breaths.

"Listen Gus, before you say anything, I'm sorry. I was watching old Shane Dawson videos and I realized that I was shitty. I didn't mean to just throw away your feelings. You mean a lot to me and I just panicked and I'm sorry but I love you. I love you so much and I hope you can forgive me. I just don't know how I feel about you." Her voice was shaky, scared of what would become of her and Gus. She couldn't admit she likes him, she wasn't even entirely sure herself. Gus smiled at just seeing her face, calming her down considerably.

"You're fine. Don't worry about how I feel. I just missed talking to you. I missed it so much."

Emery let out a breath she was holding in, the anxiety being released with it. "Oh thank God! Cause I thought you were gonna he really angry. I just get scared to lose you, I really missed the sound of your voice though."

"You'll never lose me, anyways I want you to keep talking, I never get tired of hearing your voice. It's like music to my ears."

Gus was entranced by her, anything she did or said was like magic. The invention of beauty was in front of him, veiled by a glass screen, the creator being Emery. Sweet Emery, the way the name rolls of his tongue sounded like a sweet symphony. Her words, any words she said could be repeated within church as the holy and pure words of the Lord. The teachings of a Saint named Emery who could rebuke the most tainted and evil things because she was so pure. Who could make angels fall to their knees and because she was such a holy creation, crafted to perfection and nothing less. And he loved her, the way she made Gus feel safe and warm. She, an entity of God, could rise heaven and hell out of Gus. With a mere sentence could she send him to either place, playing God in his life because she was just that powerful to him. Wasn't it wild to think that there is a screen of separation? Just eight states away and he could be there to touch her.

"Gus? Helloooo, I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall right now." Emery's voice interrupted.

"Sorry. I was just thinking." He mumbled, brushing off his thoughts.

Emery sat up and fixated the phone on her, she flashed him a smile. "What were you thinking about ?"

"Nothing. Just happy that you're in my life, that's all."

"You're so sweet. I love you Gussy boo."

"I love you too."

In love with you actually.


a/n: ugh gross, gus is all soft & shit. anyways, they should be meeting soon so !!!!

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