Chapter 2

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I looked up..

Ouch my head really bumped hard..oh it was Taylor Robinson.

Taylor! Oh no,he must be mad..I looked at him..

"Come on get in the car"said Taylor. We both sat in the back seat and a chubby driver started the car..

The driver looked at the small street I was walking in just minutes ago.

The car was black but very shiny like it just got washed..Taylor knew how to keep his cars clean'd.

"You know if I told your father he would be quite upset tho I do want to know why didn't you take a servant a guard anybody? why does vector have to call me up? I don't have time to drive you here,you know me by know!"said Taylor.

all you care about is money..I thought rolling my eyes.

"Yes I do know you by know..Taylor if this money wasn't here,if I was poor would you still love me?"I day I'm going to get it out of him..does he hide his love?

"What nonsence,I think you've caused a lot of mess by now..let's make this easier.. Olivia where were you headed?"
Taylor said..

"To that little market that has cute cakes and sweets. The one I went with our my cousin because it was the only shop around our's that way"I said.

"No I can't take you there! what if our relatives see us! There going to think I'm not taking you to the top rated places..driver,take us to central mall..."Taylor said..

"That place was built for humans! And it's a big store. It's just smaller then all the other top buildings.." I wondered out the window and said that.

" just listen to me Olivia,we are rich high standard people..there's people who treat us like celebrity's..infact we are the bosses of this place! We are treated with the most hip-hop stylish. The most best of best things are placed in our houses our cars,our rooms and we have to make our choices all very wisely,with all that if anyone comes in our way we will crush them.." Said Taylor.

"We have everything but golden hearts"I said..

"Olivia that's enough,no more.. change your self,my future wife shouldn't care about small markets, you should be confident and brag about life and money."he said.

I don't want to talk about this anymore..

"Um Taylor...I do understand what your trying to tell me but..can I ask you something?"I asked.

I was very scared,I don't know how will he answer this but I've got to give it a try..he might know why....

"What's the black gate?how am I related to it?and where is it?" I asked.

"Umm I'm not sure how to put my words to make it not reveal's....its a gate around the city yeah!...just a gate.but your not allowed to go there,DO YOU UNDERSTAND???!!" He said.

He scares me. He is hella mean!!!

Okey...okey so it's a gate around our city's the ones that my father and Taylor's father have joined.

"Why?"I asked.

"Every hater lives there,on the other side of that fence our enemies live will be shot if you pass that gate dear"Taylor said.

"Okey"I said.

Why would people hate me?

"And I don't want to loose you yet!you understand now Olivia...well we're here,the grand central shopping mall."he said.

He smiled...

Hmm..I'm going to find that gate!

~At night~~

I made sure everyone was asleep..i didn't mind sneaking out,I climbed off the balcony to the other building..that was very easy since there all connected!

I ended up leaving my building very easily through the back...

The streets were empty at night but the shops were still open..I walked past little shops..I entered a small gifts shop that came with a café. I never came here before..I thought to myself as I looked at the little statues hanging.. I was just in the mood for an adventure.

I looked at the little toy statues and as I picked a little statue but another hand touches mines...


Alright I know this story's going very slow...but it's like that because the moments are useful...sorry this chapter was slow..and less but keep reading :)

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