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Kayla's picture above

I went towards my locker and opened it to grab some of my books

I may be a little, but not all the time

I quickly closed it and rushed towards my first class


I don't hate it.... But I don't love it, either way I don't enjoy it. As I got inside the classroom people stopped what they were doing and looked at me, murmurs and whispers filled the room as I sat down at my chair and grabbed my coloring book to color

As I was coloring on my own and minding my own business, someone suddenly grabbed my coloring book causing me to mess up my color, I whimpered, I looked up to see Kayla and her minions smirking. Kayla's the BITCH of this school

Although she does bully and sleep around with anything that has a dick, she's hasn't and even once been suspended or punished by the principal

Its because the principals her father

"Aww.... Is little Macy gonna cry" they laugh, I sob completely, tears flowing down my eyes "aww... Look everybody she's crying" they laugh again "gib mi bac m-my c-cowoling book" *sniffle* "pwease.." I begged

They rolled they're eyes "you really think we're giving this back to you? Let me think.... Uh no" as they said that they throwed it inside the trashcan "no..." I laid my head down so they can't see that I'm a sobbing mess, they just laughed harder

Unexpectedly the teacher went in at the same time "What's going on here?!" He booms, Kayla and her minions quickly scrambled to there seats as I just layed there crying

He rushed over to me and lifted my chin up "what's wrong sweetheart?" I sniffle and pointed at Kayla, Kayla just stiffened "Kayla you have detention after school.." He said camly
"What?! Why am I getting detention? She should be the one getting detention Sir Ivan!" She stood up from her seat

He slammed his fist against my desk quieting her "shut your mouth Kayla, or your getting detention for tommorow as well" she just huffed and went back to sitting down, he looked at me with concern as I just gave him a smile, he just smiled back and went in front of the classroom

"Ok now that that was settled, ID like to announce that we have visitors from a business company from Italy, they will be going into each classrooms and will be observing each and everyone of you.." A girl raised her hand "yes?" The girl stood up from her chair "why are they coming here sir?" She asks

"It is because they're planning on buying this land so they can make a building for one of theyre companies here" everyone nodded they're heads, another student raises they're hand "yes?" He stood up "you said 'they' sir are they twins?" Murmurs filled around the room,
He nodded "yes they are" people nodded they're heads

A knock was heard on the door "ah, that must be them, everybody on your best behaviors now and in talking about you Kayla" he said pointing at Kayla, Kayla just rolled her eyes at him, he sighed

I was still sucking my paci tho, so whoever that would went in would surely be suprised, tho I didn't pay any attention and just looked outside the window

Sir Ivan's opened the door, and then I heard footsteps. I sighed

Like I said its gonna be a Long day

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