❆ Berserker ❆

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"You said our father have told you." Ubbe began after the two got up fronm the ground, laughing and hugging each other.

"Yes. Ragnar himself told me six years ago." Elin replied, putting the sword back into it's hilt.

She remembered Ragnar Lothbrok.

He was her mother's comrade, marching to battle together when they were young.

He usually came to the palace once or twice a year, maybe more than that, it's up to his opinion.

She could still thinking that it was yesterday that he throw her into the air and get yelled by Birgit. He treated her with care and love like she was his own daughter.

The daughter that he lost during the plague, Gyda.

Six years ago, when she was only ten, he came to the Raven Mountains with some gift to show her mother respection and sorrow.

Before he will leave for Kattegat, he pat her head, saying that she'll be a very good queen with a wide kind smile.

If she knows that it's the last conversation and smile between them, she'll definitely beg him to throw her into the air again and told him how much he became a father for her.

Yes of course, she never did it until the news Ragnar's death was declaired.

He was a father figure for her, a father she lost since she was an infant.

"He also told me that you are not like the others, he said you are different, Ivar." Elin turned to Ivar, her lips curled up into a slight smile.

He nodded slowly.

Amdis walked to her, placing his palm onto her forearm and said with a low tone but it could still be heard by the sons of Ragnar.

"Lagertha might be waiting."

"Is 'he' here yet?" Her face turned into an unpredictable expressions. Her blue eyes hardened and serious as her beautiful eyebrows frowned.

Ivar which he could put his hand onto her eyebrows and untied it. He doesn't like her being so serious like this.

"Maybe." He answered quietly.

Elin nodded one time, her pale hands grasped onto her sword handle. The boneless can't see her eyes in this angle, so he never know what is her expression.

"I'm sorry, Ragnarssons." She turned to them.

"I'm afraid I have to go. The one I'm coming for, he is here."



Where is he?" That's the first sentence escaped from the young queen's mouth as she pushed the festing hall open.

"The Berserker, where is he?" She repeated when she saw the space in front of Lagertha's chair was empty.

Swear to all the gods, if that blonde woman tricked her she would burn her alive down into ashes and burn that ashes again and again until nothing was left out of that fire.

"Take a seat first." The shieldmaiden gestured her hand to the nearby chair.

Elin took a deep breath and released a deathly glare to all of the hall as Amdis and her dumped themselves down to the wooden chair.

From the corner of her eye, she could see the sons of Ragnar approached in quietly.

"Let's get into our business, Lagertha." Amdis said coldly.

"Indeed." The blonde ruler of Kattegat nodded with a faint smile, clapping her hands one time.

The figure of three men appears, two massive vikings and one even more massive berserker.

They pushed the man between them, forcing him to walk forward and kneel. Then the vikings turned to Lagertha in an asking manner. They immediately dismissed when she nodded.

"Is this the one?" Elin look at him calculatingly, her eyes were as cold as the frozen river in the middle of winter.

The blonde shieldmaiden snapped her fingers, causing one of her slaves to stepped up and held up a silver sword for her queen guest.

Ivar look at her quietly as the queen of the Raven Mountains walk down the chair and stood silently before the berserker.

"Shall we begin?" She asked with a creepy smile.

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