♡Bruises|Part Five♡

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You widened your eyes and looked at Michael. His eyebrows were knitted into a frown as Daniel's footsteps could be heard from downstairs.

"Shit," you whispered. You walked up to Michael, a worried look painted on your face. Daniel's footsteps could be heard, coming up the stairs - closer to the bedroom.

You tried your best to think of something, a way to, perhaps, hide Michael - but alas, Daniel had arrived at the doorway.

"(Y/N)-" Daniel widened his eyes when he saw you and Michael. He narrowed his eyes at Michael before his gaze swept over to your bag on the bed. A moment of awkward silence passed before he let out a small scoff, bringing his eyes back to you. "I knew I smelled a rat," he spat at you. He stepped forward to grab you, but Michael quickly intervened - stepping in front of you and pushing Daniel away.

"Don't touch her," Michael sneered.

Daniel scoffed yet again, an exasperated look on his face.

"I see you've got the man himself to fight your battles for you," he laughed a little, his expression turning into a cynical one. "How interesting,"

He attempted to lunge at you, only to be pushed back by Michael again. In a sudden fit of rage, Daniel threw a punch at Michael, sending him reeling. However, Michael quickly recovered, straightening up and throwing a punch of his own in Daniel's direction.

Daniel fell to the floor, his nose bleeding heavily. He groaned, unable to get up. He cursed under his breath as Michael grabbed your hand and pulled you with him.

"You'll have to forget the bag,"


Michael had brought you to Neverland after the altercation with Daniel, and since it was your first time ever visiting the place - you were awestruck. His entire property was magical, just like the man himself.

When you had walked along the gardens, the flowers were in full bloom - and the aroma of spring was in the air. It was the most wonderful feeling one could ever feel in a lifetime.

Michael led you into the mansion, making you gasp. The interior was even more beautiful than what you had seen outside. He walked ahead of you, all the way up the staircase - until he came to a stop outside of a beautifully designed door.

"This will be your room," he smiled, opening the door for you. "If you ever need anything...." his eyes lingered on you for a moment longer. "Feel free to....call for me,"

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