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     The lab tech tapped at the screen of his tablet, recording yet another result among the thousands already stored.

     The machine hummed and whirred behind him as it tested the specimens he had prepped and loaded into the centrifuge from today's shipment. At the beep indicating the process was complete, he picked up the record tablet and approached the result screen.

     50/50 MATCH

     He stood there and gawked at the bold lettering that flashed in green, biting at the inside of his cheek. There's a special protocol for this. The tech spun on his heel and opened drawers and cabinets, searching for the proper training manual.

     Once at the page dedicated to match scenarios, he scanned the list until he arrived at the fifty-fifty match combination. "Fifty-fifty DMIS Match: Lock down the DNA Trees for both subjects. Red flag all living descendants," he mumbled.

* * *

     THE DING of yet another high-priority score notification stirred Zinna from her afternoon musings. Score notifications had increased as the national deadline neared. Even on a slow day, she still wanted to throw the portable DMIS database out the window. The future of life under the new DNA Networking Act meant she'd always be at the beck and call of that damn thing.

     After mock-throwing the small machine at the nearest trash bin, she relented and slid up her designer sunglasses to rest on top of her spiked, platinum faux-hawk.


     "Fifty-fifty match," she whispered toward the crowd of passersby on the busy city sidewalk she sat along every day for lunch. "Fifty-fifty match," she repeated, murmuring to herself. "In an organic pairing. No. Fucking. Way." Her open candor surprised her, and she glanced around, mentally chiding herself for being less than tactful in public. She grabbed her clutch and hurried back to work, her tan and leopard-print wedges clacking loudly against the concrete.

     "Acting Chairwoman, my ass," she grumbled under her breath. "If only that was the long and short of it." She needed a title, though, and Henchwoman didn't look as good on paper.

     "They put me in this damn position, then tied my hands."

     A match pairing like this would do wonders for their research.

     Zinna entered her office and locked the door before settling into the chair and rolling herself over to her video-wall, multi-touch display. "Soon, we can enter Lena and Harris into the program." She swiped her fingers across the large screen and opened their files. When the password-encrypted security windows popped up, her mouth twisted into a wry smirk. She was the only person with access under this protocol.

     Thessaly Allifair... the only listed descendant.

     "A Reverse Genus rec request, hmmm?" Sometimes, a Clinical Trial Research Nurse Tech Student gets trigger happy and makes pair recommendations based on their assessment of a test subject's DNA Tree. It appeared this tech did some research before executing the full lockdown. Intrigued, Zinna pulled the file.

     "Four pairings?" she scoffed at the display, incredulity in her tone. She divided each guy's profile to various areas of the screen and tapped open their DMIS results.

     "What the hell. These scores are appalling! We don't want them anywhere near the program! That tech's outta his damn mind." Her finger hovered over the 'decline recommendation' button, but she hesitated.

     "Wait. If he's pairing her with high scores... he thinks..." Her words trailed off, and her thoughts reeled with the potential genetic outcomes of Harris and Lena's coupling. A woman in the same age bracket must test extremely low for those guys to be paired. And a perfect - or even close to perfect - DMIS, is damn near impossible.

     Damn near impossible. Zinna could lose her job if she let this slide through the system unchecked though. "Well, shit." She pressed the four 'accept recommendation' buttons and added a note to Thessaly Allifair's DMIS file.


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