T W E N T Y - O N E

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"Have all the men been fed?" Lady Valiente walked around the tables and sitting stumps many of the recently returned men sat upon

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"Have all the men been fed?" Lady Valiente walked around the tables and sitting stumps many of the recently returned men sat upon. Her eyes roamed as she spoke, detecting that everyone happily munched into their meals with gusto.

"Yes, your grace," one of the kitchen wenches spoke up. Her arms were placed at the front of her apron and she looked down. "Should I serve you now?"

Victoria did not answer at first, silently turning her head once again to assure everyone was fed before nodding. "Very well, I'm starved."

"As you wish, your grace, I'll bring it to the table beside the King." She whispered like a mouse and walked off before Victoria could intervene.

Vic sighed, crossing her arms as she looked over to see the table with Robb had a few empty seats, one for her and Elaine. Sir Trout was already sitting and eating, Commander Monterroso as well. They both looked her way and awaited her response.

She realized that her argument with Robb would have to be placed in the back of her mind as now they would have to act like a happily engaged couple.

"I could bring your meal to your tent," Elaine offered from beside her.

Vic huffed lowly, "no, it's quite alright. We can't ignore one another forever."

Elaine silently agreed and followed behind the Queen, they passed many tables with soldiers muttering the usual, "your grace," to the Lady. Victoria was ever regal as she nodded her head and smiled at them. The name of her future title still sounded like a taunt but at this point what could she do?

Lord Glover stood from where he had ripped into a mutton leg with happiness, he used the back of his hand to wipe the grease off. With a broad smile he extended his hands, "My Queen! You truly are a wonder, after a most glorious win over those putrid lions you've prepared quite a feast for all."

Victoria pulled her hands over the dark green of her dress, placing them on her hips as a prominent smile fell upon her lips. "Oh, Lord Glover, you are quite a man. Thank you for placing such admiration on me but I must confess it was not my hands in the kitchen. I just provided the meat and mead for such valiant soldiers, each of you and them deserved a proper feast."

He wiped his greased hand with the black of his pants and extended out his palm. The brunette curiously lifted her small palm into his dirty one and watched as he bowed and placed a kiss on her knuckles, the dense hair at his beard tickling her delicate skin as his thin lips stretched and kissed. He smirked as his head lifted, "such a gracious women, you watch her with great care my King. The next war you fight will be over her."

Lord Glover led her to the chair beside Robb and pushed it out for her, Victoria curtsied in a polite manner before taking her seat, "you humble me, my lord."

Robb surprised her by taking the same palm placed against the table and lifting it to his lips, his kiss was much more tender, something that had once sent butterflies into Victoria's stomach. With his brilliant smile and contrast of his sea green eyes she wondered if the kiss was intentional or something of show. Robb held her hand, "trust, my lord, Queen Victoria is worth more to me then even you could imagine. Thank you, my Queen, you and your people have certainly spoiled us with your food."

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