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Jaliyah Pov

I been up all night thinking about the kiss between me and Zo like I personally felt like this little Spark in the kiss. Jesus lord please let that be a sign of my future husband. Anyway I just got out the shower because Zo texted me telling me what time coach wants to leave and Yesterday he asked if we could go out on a lunch date. So yeah and he wants me to help him with Zoey because Denise left I guess. Anyway I got up took a shower and brushed my teeth then got dress and did my hair.

The my phone started ringing

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The my phone started ringing. "Zo🤤💜" flashed across the screen. I answer it.

Hey Zo what's sup

I'm down stairs

Okay I'll be down in a second.

Okay then

Okay. I said and ended the call I grabbed my keys and headed down stairs. I got in the car and seen the baby car seat and it was Zoey sleeping she was little chubby but was so cute.

Oh my gosh I thought you was joking when you said Denise left. I said.

Yeah no She left around 5 in morning and it 1 and still hasn't came back. She left a note to. He said.

Awe you poor thing. I said rubbing his shoulder.

It good cuz if she come back I done with her. He said stopping at a red light.

Then what about Zoey. I asked.

Taking full Custody of her and if I find the right girl hope she won't mind being a step mom. He said I smiled just thinking of that girl being me and we were married and had 3 more kids.

What you over there smiled about. He asked.

Hm oh nothing just thinking. I said. Soon we made it to Golden crowd. I got out the car and grabbed my purse as he grabbed Zoey.

Oh my gosh she so beautiful she looks like you a lot. I said as we walked into the restaurant.

Thank you. He said. We waited in line for like 5 mins and got our drinks and found us somewhere to sit.

So how's your knee. I asked. He nods.

It's getting better I can actually walk with out any pain. He said.

While that good. I said. He nods.

Can you stay here and watch her while I get some food then you can go. He asked.

Whatever makes you happy. I said and smiled and walked away. Soon he came back with a plate of food I went to get mine. We talk and everything until some came up to us.

Sup Jaliyah don't you miss me. My Ex Michael said. I dropped my fork.

Michael what do you want and no I don't miss you. I said and rolled my eyes.

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