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Your POV
Once the pizza got here we went upstairs and I was looking through Netflix when I saw that Asher was staring at me through the corner of my eye. I just ignore it and start looking again. I feel him staring again and I look over at him. He quickly looks away at the TV. "Can I help you." I ask with a smirk. "I missed you" he says walking over and sitting next to me. "I missed you too Ash" I smile. This is the first time I've felt happy in a whole week. I look over at him and he does the same. We were so close our lips accidentally touched. We look at each other and both lean in.
Things get heated here so you can skip to the next bold part of you don't like this stuff I'm sorry.
We start to kiss our lips are moving together. (THINGS WILL GET HEATED AND REMEBER THEY ARE ALL 18!!!!!!)
I put my hands in his hair and he puts his on my waist. We lie down on my bed not breaking the kiss. I get on top of him and he's cupping my face with his hands. He wipes his tounge on the bottom of my lip and I nod saying he can come in.
Heated part is over:)
He both turn away I look to see Noah standing in the doorway with roses. It was actually the saddest thing iv even seen. I get off of Asher and walkover to him.
"Noah I-''
"Just SHUT UP! OKAY I DONT WANNA HEAR IT FIRST IT WAS JAEDEN THEN YOU BE A COMPLETE BITCH TO MILLIE AND NOW HIM!" He says holding his hand facing Asher. He just looks down. Aww he made me feel bad. But not as bad as I felt for Noah. That's how I knew I messed up. By now I was balling my eyes out. He drops the roses and leaves. It's pure silence for about 5 minutes. "I'm sorry." Asher says. I look over at him and give him a sad face. "Its all my fault." He puts his head in his hands and starts to cry. "Hey hey hey no no no this isn't your fault, you had no idea I was with Noah. It's alright. Okay I promise and Noah's probably done with me Now anyways so I'm gonna need someone to comfort me." He smiles and hugs me. "Oh and by the way...." I look at him in the eyes. "Your a good kisser." I blush and we change and go to bed.

1 year later

Let me break down the last year.

Summer ended
I'm not going to college
I got a car.
I moved into a apartment with Asher
We started dating.
Millie and Noah are dating
Finn and Taylor are still going strong
Caleb and Kendall are still going strong
The IT cast got back
Asher and Jack are best friends now
Season 3 is almost done being filmed
Asher's working on a new movie with jack 
I became closer with Sadie
I got verified on instagram
I'm trying to start a singing career
Christmas is in 4 days
Tomorrow's Finns birthday
I have to see the Millie and Noah
Went to a party with Asher
Drank for the first time
Had to call Finn to pick up Asher and I. We were....too drunk
Learned how to skate
Met Asher's love interest. Peyton
Found out Peyton was super nice
Made a new friend, her name was Peyton have I mentioned?
Haven't seen the Stranger things or IT cast in 3 months
Get to see them tomorrow

Hello SO alottttt happened in this chapter yes this is still a Noah x reader book but if you have a question dm me and yes you will still have Noah andddd only 7 more chapters!!! Sequel or nah. Ahh okay byeee gorl's! And bois if I have any reading this btw yassssss


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