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Daryl's pov

I was fast asleep,my head placed by the edge of her bed when the door opened,it was her mom.

I think she noticed Holland's room door opened and came in.

"Hey young man and you are?" She asked while giving me that mom look that mom's give their kids when they are about to scold them.

Am really short of words right now,my mom taught me not to lie and at the same time told me lying can  come in handy sometimes so me angel u can't win this time am gonna go with me devil and lie a little.

"Um am her-her- boyfriend" I finally said it and breathed out,man! That was hard,I mean being my luna and some stuffs doesn't make things easy. But seriously most mom buy lies so she's gonna buy this one.

"Ookay" she arched a brow "and why are you here,did you do something to her and now she can't get up" she came towards me and I moved backwards a little, gosh I miss having a mom.

"No,absolutely not" I shook my head, I could really let out a laugh right now I mean do what, parents and dirty minds.

"I just came by to see her and saw her passed out in the living room so I helped her here" I explained and adjusted my jacket.

"And you are sure that's all what happened" she arched a brow again and this time it went high.

Seriously get off my back woman, "Yes ma'am" I replied,i cant remember when last I was so respectful.

"You may leave now" she said and i hurried out.

Travis's pov

I skipped school and spent many hours of my time gyming, I can't keep living my old life, I have eaten so many cereal even coco pops could call me for a commercial.

I opened the door to my house and saw daryl laying on the couch I think he's fast asleep. Daryl spends most of the time at my house since his sister could be a real pain in the ass. I was walking gently to avoid sounds to wake him up, I was by the stairs when  he called

"Travis" he rubbed his eyes

"Hey man" I greeted and came down from the stairs

"Where were you,you weren't in school" he said and sat properly on the couch

" I-i-wen-went gyming" am really scared to say it cause he could laugh but am surprised he didn't

"That's ...... really cool man" he complimented me,that's so unlike him,what have you done to him hot cake

I was about going up the stairs and he called again but this time he got up

"Travis,am really sorry if have ignored you in anyway just forgive me......Brothers code?" He arched a brow and smiled

"Brother's code" I gave him a knuckle "get in here man" I said and hugged him

"You know am not really into hugs and snuggling and ugh!!!! You reek" he blurted out in disgust.

"Hey relax I don't vocabulary man so you mean" I asked

"You stink go get a bath" he said and covered his nose

"Okay I will,after one more hug" I smiled

"No no no no no" he objected quickly

"Come here" I moved closer and he ran further and I kept chasing him around till he got to the guest room and slammed it really hard it could break.

"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂" I laughed heartily "you really made my day, hahaha" I laughed and went to my room.

Eva's pov

I didn't disturb Holland cause I think she needs rest, poor girl, I don't know what she has gotten herself into lately, she's always so stressed up and I Don't have time for her and that sucks doesn't it?

I brought out some files to sort out and I got a call from police headquarters

"Hey..... Okay.....that's a great job you guys did.....just make sure all the bodies are packed and the well tightly covered...... Thanks,bye.

As soon as I hung up something slashed my neck close to my throat,I managed to look up,I saw a pair of red eyes and passed out.

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