jeffmads (madison is neko)

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I got inspired by this cat, my neighbour has.

I was sitting on their stone-fence, while my neighbour was 'studying' with my sister and his sister. (Bc he has final tmmr over geography if he doesnt study, he will fail le class)

And i was watching stars untill someone meowed-purr behind me and I saw my other neighbour cat.

Yes, my neighbourhood has...3-4 cats (including mine)

3 wants to pet wuth me and one is scared of me, idk why ;_; and dat kitty is ginger-

Ok so-

Bacc to le storitiem.

And it was going on like dis:

Me: hoi Pero ;3
Cat- *meows and purrs as it beggs to be pet*
Me- *reaches down to his throat to give him sum special time*

Cat: *purrs*
Me- aw

Cat: *bites me gently accidently*

Me- *moans*

Other cat: *comes out of nowhere, wanting to be petted*

Me; ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So yeah xD

Anyway, our Jemmy boi is neko and lets watch Thomas jeffershit fucc him


Thomas P.O.V

"C'monnn Jemmmyy" I whined as he kept his hood on.

"No!" He groaned.

I was begging him to lemme play with his ears, but he admit it that it his kink, that he loves to be petted there.

But he doesnt want me to touch it because he might get hard.

I whined as I reach down for his tail.

He yelped as he turned to me to scold me as I interrupt him. With kiss.

He yelped shockingly but kissed back, moaning while I fiddled with his tail, sucking his tongue, and playing with his cat ears.

He moaned.

Once I pulled away he was frustraded.

"Fuck me" he commanded.

"Gladly" I smirk as I flip us over, James beneath me breathing helplessy.

I smirk as I grind on him, while he was moaning and crying in pleasure.

I fiddled playfully with his belt as I finnaly took his belt off.

He got a bit starteld, when I took him in mouth.

Once I suck him, I put my fingers inside his hole.

Jemmy lolled, rolling as I was sucking making slurping noises.

"D..daddy please!!!" James cried.

"Daddy what?" I smirk.

James rolled his hips.

"Please daddy fuck me! The best way you can! And I will let you play with my ears!" James cried out.

I smirked omce again before pushing tip inside, making James starteld.

"Kinky~" I say teasingly.

"THOMAS FOR FUCK SAKE!!!" James scremed when I was fully inside, pumping him.

"Sh..shit!" James cried out.

"Shh kitten, we have long night ahead of us." I say kissing his forehead.

He sighed.

"Daddy, please go faster!" James moaned.

I smilled as I sped up with my thrust, practically James was screaming, like no tommorow.

"SHIT DADDY IM CLOSE!!" James whined.

"Me too baby, me too" I inhaled once I cumm in him, James following right after me.

"So.." I panted "we have a deal??"

James just nodded still panting.

"Come on baby boy, let get you in shower.." I say as he started squirming.

"But..but daddy!!" He whined like a child "I hate baths!!" James exclaimed.

" know suck it up" I said as we fknnaly walked in bathroom.

James shivered.

"There would be something else I'd rather suck" James said smirking.

I almost lost my balance as I feel my head blush up.

"Go in then" I said sternly "do it while im pouring your favorite scent shampoo in bath oki?" I said cheking, putting him down as he nodded.

He took my shaft immedietely, taking all in mouth at once.

My legs trembled as he kissed my head of cock. He kissing, sucking, slurping.

"Mmhm daddy so sweet" he purred as he licked my precum.

"J-james!!!" i said as put scent in bathtub and shampoo creating small bubbles.

I cummed all over his face.


He smirked.

"Dont worry daddy" he said looking at my preciosly, licking his lips "you taste sweet."

I blushed. Goddamn it.

I picked him up and out it on my lap, as we were both in bathtup chilling.

"I love you James" I said softly, nuzzling with his hair and ears.

He smiled.

"I love you too, daddy"

The end


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