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Darly's pov

I had three courses today but didn't wait to attend the last one for the day.

I put on my jacket and was taking a walk home since I didn't take my bike but I was just feeling feverish and weak by the joints.

I was having grand headaches like people were hitting gongs in my head.

I smell a rat (To be suspicious)

"Holland" I groaned and zoom ian got us to her doorstep real quick

I opened the door hurriedly and saw Holland and another very slim and short lady in afro both lying weak.

But for now my luna comes first

"Holland" I knelt beside her and carried her head,"holland" I called again and tapped her face.

"She's cold" ian said

"Time to grow some fur" ian suggested I transform

"What if she regains consciousness and sees me" I asked referring to the lady

"Nah she knows you" ian scoffed and my hands grew some fur on it very thick enough to warm her up.

I placed my arm on her chest and she was beginning to warm up but still didn't open her eyes.

My furs went back in and I carried her upstairs to her room and Covered her with a duvet.

I turned on my heels and saw the lady standing by the door.

"Um-um- you-you are probably wondering who I am daryl,well my name is dennis, am an harbinger of death" she said while shaking a little

For a second I should have guessed that since when ian said she knows me but sometimes shock doesn't treat you right.

She walked closer to Holland and sat at the edge of the bed,held Holland's hand and closed her eyes.

"She has lost so much strength since the transfer,give her two days and the harbinger will be back" she said and got up

"What transfer?" I asked

"Vision transfer" she answered and went out of the room.

"I still don't get it,hey lady Um I mean dennis" I went out of the room but she's gone.

Things are getting far more weirder than I thought.

I went back in and sat beside Holland and kissed her hair

"You are gonna be okay" I whispered.


"You selfish little scum, you had her in your grasp and you let her go" I yelled at Trish who is in no way paying attention to me.

"You know I need that body but you are busy parading everywhere till you get full control of the body I gave you, but you know what,you have no right" I yelled

Am so furious right now, I need a fresh body to take form of before I rot like a rat.

"Enough, you should have know giving me this body was a mistake, and yeah you got it right I just pretended to help to buy more time and alas I have fully overcomed this body brother" she cackled and carried me up with her powers and slamming me on my experiment table.

I got so furious and I shifted

"Heyo half alpha and half beta why don't you go take a swim,in blood" she laughed and disappeared

"Laugh all you want sis but u are going right back in that hole when canasis comes out tonight." I smirked and shifted back.

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