fun time pt 2

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Jake's POV:

Dirk spanks me over and over asking what his name is. I call him different names on purpose giving me my satisfaction. He then grabs my member and begins to pump me. "Ah~! Dirk~ more please~!" I cry out. "What's my name~?" He whispers in my ear. "Ah~ D-Daddy~ augh~" I moan. I see him smirk as he spanks me harder as he lets go of my member before I can released. I gasped and growled when he let go. He then goes under the bed and grabs a bag that contained a collar with a leash, lacy thigh high socks, hand cuffs, lube, a vibrator, a fake member, a blindfold, and a gag with a red ball attached. What the fuck...? He grabs the thigh highs and slipped them on my legs, rubbing my inner thigh. I moan quietly. He then puts the collar on me along with the blindfold and gag-thingy. I feel him grab my wrists and cuff them onto the bed frame. Shit. I then feel something against my entrance and push in slowly. It's so cold! "AH! D-Dirk~!" I moan. I feel a high vibration sends shivers through my whole body. "AAH~~! DIRK! W-WHA-AH~!" I moan loudly. I feel something else press against my entrance pushing that toy inside of me, without taking the other one out! Bloody hell it hurt too! He's having fun with this isn't he?! Evil bastard.

Dirk's POV:

I smirk as I see a moaning and shaking Jake lying on my bed. He looks so fucking hot with all of those toys inside him. "Having fun, babe~?" I whisper in his ear. He nods quickly and continues moaning. Hot. I begin to pleasure myself while I let him adjust to the toys. I grab the bottle of lube and pour some in my hand, rubbing it on my member, pumping and massaging my....'friend'. I moan Jake's name loudly. I see Jake cum at LEAST three times. I went up to him and set the vibrator on the first level. And take out the fake dick along with the gag and blindfold. "Enjoy yourself~?" I say seductively. "Y-yeah." He said, his voice quivering. I chuckle. "Well now it's MY turn~" I say.

HAH. CLIFFHANGER!! Perish. Love you all.


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