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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:


That's all you could hear today at school. Girls were excitedly picking out which dress to wear while boys were deciding which girl to ask out for the dance. They were acting like bees, buzzing around and stinging me with the extra cheerfulness.

It was sickeningly sweet.

People like me could almost puke rainbows and confetti at this much excitement. I wasn't against it at all. It's just, I never was a big fan of such events.

"Who're you going with, Hanna?" I asked.

It was our gym class and we both were sitting on the bench under the sunlight.

"No one?"

I had expected that.

"Well, I wasn't planning on going either." I said, squinting my eyes at the harsh sunlight.

It was cruel making us girls wear shorts and roast ourselves in such bad heat. I didn't understand how come it got so hot in the morning and so cold at night. It wasn't fair.

"You're not going? Not even with Alex?" She asked.

I snorted in response.

"He must've already picked out a girl for it. He's too rude to take me with him. And anyways, I wouldn't go with him." I said with a laugh.

It would be too disgusting to be your best friend's date. That only happens in stories where the best friend is hot and handsome. I could never think about Alex in that way.

Hanna hummed in response as Coach blew on the whistle.

Today, Coach made us play basketball. It wasn't bad. Except the fact that my skin was burning like a vampire under the sun.

Maybe I was a vampire.

I broke out from my thoughts when I saw the ball flying right towards me. One second more and it would've hit me pretty bad. But before it could've, I caught it and swung it in the basket.

The only problem was, it didn't make inside the basket.

Who said I was a good shooter? They shouldn't have passed me the ball in the first place. But nobody complained as the Coach blew on the whistle making us go back to the locker room.

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