Chapter 14: “I Understand”

*~Tai’s POV~*

"Mmm,” I moan, finally waking up from a good nap. I stretch my arms up, arching my back up slightly from the soft sheets underneath me.

Wait! Sheets?!

I open my eyes wide open and snap up into a sitting position to find myself in my room. The white sheets covering my body are definitely mine because I spot the little red stain spot from me drinking Hawaiian punch in bed. But how did I even get here? I fell asleep on the sidewalk! I definitely know I did because my wrist is finally bruising from me slamming it down into the concrete.


My eyes snap over to feet and I find Copper sitting there, waging his tail faster when our eyes lock. Aw! My baby is so cute to wake up to!

“Copper, you’re so cute,” I coo, feeling way better than I did earlier. Maybe I should get another puppy… I always seem to be in a better mood when Copper is around. “Come here baby!”

But instead of running into my open arms, Copper jumps off the bed and runs away. Why that good for nothing—

My angry thoughts abruptly stop when I watch Copper run right through someone’s legs. Slowly raising my eyes, I find Alexander standing in my room, gazing down at me. Gah! When the heck did he get in here?!

“Yah!” I defensively shout, “What are you doing here?”

He slowly walks over to my bedside with his eyes never leaving me. I can feel my nerves growing as I continue to gaze up into those russet eyes of his. God, the way he’s looking at me makes me feel so violated. Timidly, I pull the sheets up more so I can hide from this grandpa’s lustful eyes.

But the sheet brushes up against my skin and instantly I freak out. Why am I shirtless?! Too busy panicking, I don’t even notice Alexander sit down on the edge of my bed.

When he gently pats me on the head, messing up my hair, I instantly freeze and stare at him in bewilderment. What is he doing?! I mean, he shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be here! I should be outside on some random sidewalk.

“How are you feeling?” he asks with a tender smile, keeping his hand on my head.

Before I can even find an answer, his hand slips down the back of my head and cups my neck. Next thing I know, I’m jerked forward with the force of his hand and our lips smash together.


I bolt up from my bed, screaming at the top of my lungs. Copper jumps up as well and nearly falls off the edge. Quickly glancing around, I find myself in my room again, but thankfully there is no Alexander around.

Why did I even dream that? That grandpa doesn’t deserve to be in my dreams! And we kissed!

“Bleh~!” I dramatically groan, earning an odd stare from Copper.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly rub my hands down my face so I can relax. I mean, it was just a dream. Ha, it’s not like Alexander is actually here. Yeah! That grandpa is probably at some college class right now.

Good, now that that’s settled… How the heck did I get in my room?

“Ding dong,” a familiar voice sings as my door opens.


I scurry backwards in my bed to the point where my back is glued to the backboard of the frame and scream, “AHHH!”

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