Chapter Eight

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The sounds of multiple people yelling woke me from my sleep the next morning. I was about to go back to sleep until I realized it was way too bright outside for it to only be 7 'o clock in the morning like my alarm clock displayed. I grabbed my phone off the top of my duffel bag and my eyes nearly fell out my head. It was almost 8 'o clock and I was late for practice! How could I be late though? I set my alarm last night before going to bed.

"I don't have time to think right now." I mumbled to myself and rushed out of bed. It wasn't until I was halfway dressed that I realized that Jason wasn't in the room, his bed was neatly made up and there was no sign that he had been in it recently. I bet he's the reason I didn't get up in time.

After brushing my teeth I ran back out in the room and pulled on my socks and cleats and hurried out of the room. I hastily pushed the elevator button repeatedly until the doors opened for me. I went through the same routine until the doors shut back again and I got down to the first floor. I didn't waste any time once the doors opened, I sprinted out of the building and ran towards the practice field where I knew the rest of the quarterbacks would be waiting. I was terrified to get yelled at by the coaches this morning, I never could take getting yelled at.

The field came closer into view and I felt my nerves begin to go haywire when a lot of the guys turned their head in my direction when they heard me coming. Even from a distance I could see Jason smirking and I felt the urge to punch him in the face. I finally made it to where everyone else was and I nearly fainted from the sudden exercise I just had to do.

"Keller! Get up here now!" the coach yelled before I could even get a word out. I kept my head held high as I walked up to the front where coach was standing with his arms crossed. "Why the hell are you late?" he yelled and stared me down until I answered.

Really? Why else would I be late? "Because I slept late." I shrugged. Come on, did he really think I was gonna give him a stupid ad elaborate excuse that wouldn't make sense.

"You slept late? Well sorry for disturbing your beauty nap, princess." he sneered, causing a few of the guys, Jason included of course, to chuckle.

Who did this guy think he is? I don't care if he's a coach or not, don't disrespect me before I can even have the opportunity to apologize. "That's ok, maybe you should go get a nap too. You're not looking too good, your face is starting to sag a little as well as the rest of your body." I glared at him. I was hot, tired, hungry and mad as hell. I definitely wasn't in the mood to be mocked in front of everyone right now. The small crowd became quiet at my remark, waiting to see what would happen next.

The coaches face became red and he took a step closer. "What did you say to me, Keller?" he asked in a low, pissed off voice.

Well, I was in too deep to back out now. Austin was gonna kill me when he finds out that I was late on the first day and talked back to the coach. "You heard me." I shot back, hoping my voice didn't tremble or crack.

Instead of getting closer or even yelling again, the coach smirked and stepped back. I quickly realized I didn't like him when he looked like that, I'd rather have him yell at me. "Well, since Keller seems to be such a tough guy, let's see how tough he is when his twenty peers are mad at him." Coach said smirked.

"Huh?" I stupidly answered. What did he mean by that? I didn't like the sound of that or the smug look on his face.

"In football, you can't make your own decision without thinking of how it's gonna impact your teammates. You all need to work as one and be on the same page." He said to the group, but once he wqs finished he turned back to me. "Since you wanna stroll in here late on the first day and think you're a big tough guy let's see how you handle being the number one target in your group. Because of your tardiness and attitude, everyone has to run three miles around this track."

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