Part 23•

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Chae POV

{I was walking around the school hauls,it was very very very quiet}


*beep* *beep*

"Wake up!!"

        "Yes mommm"

"Go to school early!"
"Walk around I guess"
     "mom I went to that school for freaking 6 years straight"
"Don't you dare curse young lady,you're getting married"
         "Please don't remind me I'm getting married"

              "MOM! I didn't eat breakfast yet"

End Of flash back

"Aish,this woman"

{I muttered}

             "chae!is that you"
{ I looked back,it was Renjun Thank god}

"Hi renjun!"
                 "Wow,you're early today"
"Well my mom"
"Woke me up at 5 am"
                     "Dang that's early"
"I know right!"

Renjun POV

{ Chae was Just Ranting, she was so cute}

{she caught me staring at her}

{my heart was beating crazy}

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