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I sat up and watched him as he ate. A bit confused as to why he's in here and not in his office. "Um.. why are you eating in here and not in your office as you work ?" I asked. He looked over to me and finished chewing.

He didn't say anything but once he finished all his pancakes he stood up with the tray and walked over to me.

"That was delicious. Thank you." He gave me a kiss on top of my head and walked out. Not before he noticed my flushed face and red cheeks. Gently closing the door behind him he was greeted by hashirama's face.

"That was kind of you Tobirama." He smiled. " I thought I was going to have to yell at you to be nice to her."

"Don't you have work to do." He muttered a bit embarrassed

"Maybe you should take her to train with you. She's a great fighter. It gives you two time to get to know each other."

"She fights ?" Tobirama asked

"You don't remember do you?" He chuckled

"She's the Uchiha who left a knot on your forehead when we were kids."

"I thought that was izuna. That bitch snuck me before I could attack madara!" Tobirama remembered that day perfectly. It was when they found out about madara and hashirama secret hangouts. She stayed in the bush and waited for them to leave after the altercation. Tobirama snuck around trying to gain a secret advantage before the uchihas went back but had no idea you were there to avoid that. Jumping infront of him as he ran you slammed the back of your sword to his face knocking him over

"This is our side senju. Go back to yours"

" you made fun of me for weeks." He balled his fist in defense.

Hashirama only laughed it off and went to work.

"He kissed me " I mumbled to myself. "That wasn't necessary. I was just trying to be nice." I mumbled to myself.

I decided to get pretty that day and walk around the mansion.

I spoke to many of the workers and found where the best place to watch the sunrise .

I stood at the balcony and looked at the view. I don't how long I've been there but Tobirama found me watching the sun come up.

"Y/n.. I was looking for you" he said. He secretly admired how nice you looked. Looking back at him with a kind smile shielding the sun from your eyes.

 Looking back at him with a kind smile shielding the sun from your eyes

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"Did you need something ?" I asked.

"I just wanted to ask you something. After dinner would you like to come spar with me ?" His face still emotionless as ever. This is my chance to slap him and get away with it.

"I'd love to. Any reason in particular?" I asked.

"I want to see how well you can protect yourself Incase for some reason my brother and I are not around. "

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