Chapter 15

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Unknown POV.

The name Versana Vice has been whispered around for the past two weeks since Fane Monrovian had made the announcement of handing the title over.

No one knows who Versana Vice is, all we heard were rumors. Since Versana had been crowned the title, he has been working fast and taking out the families who threatened his place in the top five.

There are two families that remained threatening the Monrovian Mafia and those families are my fathers and my Uncle Lucian. If Versana knew what was good for him, he wouldn't dare come anywhere near our families.

Of course we all guessed this Versana Vice is connected to The Versana Cartel leader, but no one has made any confirmation.

"Are you ready sweetheart?" My father asked through my bedroom door. "One moment." I yelled back, slipping my heels on and adjusting my tight and form fitting gown.

Tonight everyone of importance is attending The Pit since word was out that Versana is going to be attending, and being the nosey bastards that everyone in this business is, were all going for the one reason.

"Be sexy and push your cleavage up a little more, you know those Mafia men love what they can see." My mother winked and adjusted my dress.

My father is Dom Pernsay, he leads the Pernsay crime family here in America. He has been trying to marry me off to create alliances with another power house family, just like every other man and his daughter in this business.

The Pit had an upgrade, the warehouse now had two floors with mahogany wood detailing and red velvet covered floors. The top floor is reserved for the five families and the bottom filled with everyone who is below them.

There wasn't a dress code but people dressed like they were attending an awards show. Men wore neat pressed suits and Italian made shoes with their women dressed in gowns, swimming in the finest jewelry you could imagine.

"Versana Cartel just arrived without Vice, I wonder what's happening there." My father frowned. "They never attend anything without him."

I ignored my father and his partners so I could continue my scout for a man to be worthy of my time as fathers men stood around me, always alert of their surroundings.

"Look who showed." My Uncle jotted his chin out to the couple who entered.

People ran in the opposite direction of Soreign, shocked expressions coated everyone's faces at the fact that he had made an appearance.

Why are you here Rei? You never attend fights outside of your own fight club. My eyes raked up and down his tall and mysterious frame.

Soreign held himself higher than everyone, entering the room with a woman equally at his side. He is the only person I've seen in this business walk around without security, the man was a dangerous genius and he knew that. Confidence and self insurance is what made him that more sexier.

As much as I wanted to stare at the mysterious and undeniably sexy man that scared the living shit out of everyone in this room, my eyes fell on the woman next to him.

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