Eyes On Her

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Part 18-

Demi runs to the doors where her family are waiting for her. She quickly grabs Dianna's hand and telling her they need to hurry to the office. Demi says a quick hi and bye to the rest of them before walked into the office with Dianna, the doctor took his glasses off and give them a little smile. Before tell them to sit down.

Doctor- " so miss Lovato, I'm doctor mrs Philips we all know why we sat here, so we are not sure what the out come of this going to be. But we need to get Y/N into the theatre room as soon as possible, from what it looks like she's got bleeding from the brain. Her nose is broken and her jaw isn't broken, which is a good thing."

Demi- " w-well she remember me?!... Please just do what you can for her please..." She says crying into Dianna's shoulder

Mrs Philips- " I can't say because we don't know how far the pole went into her head. Okay, we need you to sign these papers saying you allowing us" passing the papers to Demi

After Demi sign all the papers it was a waiting game, mrs Philips said he was doing all the work on Y/N. Demi asked how long it would take and what are the chances pulling through, it was a 90% chance. So that is the main thing.

Dianna's POV-

Me and Demi listened to what the doctor said, well should I say mainly me because Demi was crying to much to listen to what he had to say. I just held her tight while listening to what he said. I was shocked that she had bleeding from the brain, because Demi hasn't told me what has actually gone on yet. She just grabbed me and brought me to mrs Philips office. Demi just kept crying and crying. I hated seeing my little girl cry, I must admit I've never ever seen her like this in my life. I knew she loved Y/N but I didn't think she loved her this much.. But I really think Demi has found the one after that stupid fucking ex Wilmer, I never ever like that man. Then he was around my gut went weird, I just didn't trust him one bit. But I kept shh because it's Demi relationship and she would learn from her mistakes. And she has so I'm happy she got Y/N. Anyways After the talk with the doctors and what not. We made our way to the waiting room where the rest of the family was waiting for the news, Demi just broke down in Eddies arms. So I told them the news and what would be happening. Mads was getting hungry but I ent buying hospital food it's nasty. So I said I'll go McDonald's for us all, I walked over to Demi told her to come with me to get her away from the hospital for a while. I asked what everyone wanted, and told them to ring me or Demi if they heard some news about her. To be honest I'm shocked I'm like this with Y/N not because she's a girl, but I've only never met her once and knew she made my little girl happy. You saw the happiest in Demi's eyes the shine she also had In her lovely brown eyes. Now I see hurt, scared what makes it worst there nothing I can do to help her heal the pain. She just need to see Y/N that would make her 1000 times better! Before going McDonald's, Demi wanted to nip to her house to pick Y/N and her some clothes and other little stuff. She was in and out within ten minutes, once back in the car she asked if I would stop off at a flower shop, and of course I did, at least it was keeping her busy and things off her mind. She get back into the car with three different lots of flowers.

Dianna- " what's with all three different flowers Demi?" She said laughing

Demi- " you'll find out once we back at the hospital. By the way mom I love you to much."

Dianna- " ohh okay? I love you way more princess, right food time now let's go!" She laughs

2 hours later-

Demi and Dianna get back to the hospital they all sat and ate the McDonald's a few doctors kept walking in shouting family's names that are waiting too. But lucky no one knew it was Demi because they was older end of people. Which was good because Demi really wasn't in the mood for people asking for pictures and shit. All the family was trying there best to cheer Demi up, of course mads had her laughing with her sillyness. It was good to see Demi laughing and have a smile on her fave even though it might be a fake one it was still a smile that show she was holding on, and staying strong. Dianna remember she still had Y/N phone but it was in the car, Dianna walked off to the car to pick it up. After a few mins she walks back in with it in her hands and handing it to Demi and giving her a weird look. Demi stood up giving her family a smile before walking off.

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