Chapter Fifty

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"So you're a mind-reader now, huh?"

Guin groaned and rolled over, covering her head with the pillow. It was too damn early to wake up. The sun hadn't even risen, it was the weekend, mum and dad wouldn't be semi-conscious for hours--what was Evey prattling on about?

Guin felt a nudge in her shouldeblade, followed by an insistent tug on the pillowcase. She held onto the pillow with both hands and growled, "G'way Evey I'm sleepin'."

She heard her big sister sigh, then the bed dipped with a soft creak as she settled onto its edge. "I admire your state of advanced denial, Guinny Pig, but I really don't have time for this."

Eyes still stubbornly squeezed shut, Guin thought, What is she talking abou--

It hit her like a freight train. Suddenly, she wasn't lying in her own bed with the slightly creaky mattress and one rogue spring, nestled in more quilts and pillows than was strictly necessary--she was sprawled on hard, cold, barren earth. The sky was ashen, caked in tattered cloud, the sun a milky cataract.

The ground was gritty and dry beneath Guin's palms as she forced herself into a kneeling position. "What--where--"

"More like when," Evey said, hitching up her hospital gown and dropping into a crouch before Guin. "This is the not-too-distant future, unfortunately. Or at least, one possible future."

"For Ther?" Guin asked, gazing around at the desolate landscape. "Or Earth?"

Evelyn shrugged. "Does it matter? Point is, you're almost out of time, Guinny. I know you didn't have much choice, but all that razzle dazzle has landed us in a mighty big pickle. At this rate, it'll be a miracle if the death smoothie holds off for another week."

Guin gulped. "Really? But that--that's impossible!" She shook her head. "No way can I find the book in time! No way in hell! We've been searching for ages, Evey!" She balled her hands into trembling fists and pressed them into the parched ground, careless of the ache in her palms. "This is bloody hopeless."

Evelyn reached out and squeezed Guin's elbow. "Yeah, I know," she sighed. "This is a giant freakin' mess. It's not your fault. Still, thought I'd let you know." She stared hard at Guin for a moment, then added, "You're glowing, y'know."

Guin blinked. "Um, what?"

The corner of Evelyn's mouth lifted slightly. "How's the boyfriend doing?"

Guin's cheeks grew hot under her sister's scrutiny. It wasn't fair. How the hell could a spirit body blush?

"I told you, he's not my boyfriend, okay?" she said plaintively. "He's just--just a bloke. A really, really irritating bloke."

"So you drain your own life essence for random blokes now?" Evelyn asked, raising an eyebrow. "What would Mum say?"

Guin stared at Evelyn, confusion and embarrassment vying for dominance over her expression. "My life-wha? Evey, what are you on about?" 

Evelyn rubbed the back of her neck and grimaced. "Um, well, it's hard to explain. Truth is, I don't really understand it, just sorta see it, y'know?"

"No," Guin replied flatly. "I do not know."

"Look." Evelyn grasped both of Guin's wrists and held her hands up to the watery light. 

Guin gasped. Her palms were glowing, as if held in front of candle flame. Her arms and fingers were also pulsing with a faint golden light. 

"What--I don't--" Guin stammered, flexing her hands and staring as the light swelled and flowed beneath her skin. "Evey, this is freaking me out big-time."

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