chapter 18

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yo ellie is my oc!!


It was now early December, and snow had just begun falling down from the skies. It was a cold, breezy morning and you had to go to school. It sucks, but you still want to go nevertheless. You wanted to see Alya after all.

She's slowly starting to notice you, and you pretended to love it.

On your way to school, you felt snow crumbling under the sole of your shoes. You watched kids playing with the snow, but you soon averted your gaze. You don't have time for any of that.

Eventually, you reached the school where Alya was waiting. She waved to you with a smile on her face. You smiled lightly, waving back. She gave you a big hug, platonically kissing your head after. That made you grin.

You walked inside the classroom. Most students wore the coziest, warmest clothes. Those were Rose, Mylene, Sabrina, Nathaniel, and Ivan. Some of them held cups of cocoa made by Marinette. Sabrina was helping Chloe taking pictures of herself. Alix and Kim were having a contest between them to see who's the strongest one against the cold; looks like Kim is losing. Luka was busy having a conversation with Ellie who looks like she needs a hug. Kagami was jamming with her headphones, her fingers drumming onto the table. Ms. Bustier was reading a book, held with her glove-covered hands.

All in all, it was a cute scenery.

Not the fact that Adrien was talking to Marinette.

It bothered you.

It bothered you that he was so close...

It bothered you that he's talking to her, not you.

It bothered you that he doesn't need you anymore.

It bothered you that after all you've done for him, all he did was to abandon you for someone else.

It bothered you completely.

You turned to Alya, who was busy texting her boyfriend. You watched her, from your seat. You internally begged her to tell you something about him. Tell you just what they were talking about these couple of weeks. Tell you why he doesn't need you anymore. Tell you why you're like this. Tell you why you're worthless and a defect. Just tell you everything, like the old times.

You kinda missed everything that was before.

You looked down and began to think deeply. You shouldn't have let them befriend you. You shouldn't have noticed them. You should've been alone forever, you didn't care.

You sighed. You didn't know what to do.

So after a while, you decided to just let it all go. Maybe you're overreacting. A lot. You shook your head at yourself. Ugh. You groaned internally. You hated yourself for wasting all of those tears for someone. You winced, remembering all the times you had cried. You cringed, laughing to yourself.

Ugh, no. Why did I do that to myself?

You laughed and laughed quietly. I can't keep doing this to myself.

You smiled, hopefully thinking that your future will now be full of happiness and joy.

The class dismissed pretty early today, maybe Principal Damocles thought that it would be a good thing to just rest. So students went home early, but some decided to stay for their friends. That includes Alya, Adrien, Nino and you.

Everyone was bundled up in their winter clothing. Nino was walking besides his girlfriend, Alya, as you unfortunately had to walk besides Adrien. You placed your hands inside your pockets, you were currently interested at the snow-covered ground you're walking on, it was really--

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