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A/N: I had this finished before anything else, so that's why I'm posting it before the Ganglord Gaara x Assassin reader. Gaara x Cheating reader, sounds terrible doesn't it?

"What?" (Y/N) asked frozen in her spot, thinking about what she's just been asked was just a joke.

"I said, I want you to break up with him and date me instead" his eyes piercing into hers, unable to break eye contact. "I hate seeing you in pain, especially if he's the one hurting you. Please just leave him"

"I-I..." (Y/N) stepped back,
Her hands going to her head and she gripped at her hair and clenched her eyes shut. Thinking about how she got into this situation in the first place.


Two months ago~

(Y/N) was you're average girl, with average grades, never getting into too much trouble and staying out of big cliques as well as not making herself seem big with her peers.
At least that's what she WOULD have wanted if she wasn't dating the most popular boy in school, Sasuke Uchiha.
That's right our dear little (F/N) (L/N) has the ever lonely youngest Uchihas heart, or what it seems at least. He does everything a girl could ever want from a boyfriend, calls and checks up on her, stays by her side throughout the school day, turns all his fan girls away whenever they come onto him, compliments her whenever she's feeling down and tells her all the aspects he loves about her. Seems like the perfect boyfriend right?

Well (Y/N) knew him long enough to know that this was all just a plot, to keep her from second guessing her perfect boyfriend, and that's what she did she believed he was perfect and that he did love her they've been together for almost 10 months now.
At least until they hit the 4th month of being together, when she went to go visit him and instead of seeing her oh so perfect boyfriend happy to see her, he was well on his way to fucking his 'best friend' Sakura. Needless to say, (Y/N) bolted out of there tears running down her face, feeling crushed. The boy she loved who was supposed to love her, sleeping with someone else. This pain in her chest hurt worse than anything she could've felt.

Of course when she confronted him about it, he apologized and begged him to forgive her "it was just a one time mistake, I'm so sorry but I can't lose you please forgive me" she remember the apology well, as he showered her with gifts after she forgave him, trying to gain the lost trust back. And for a while it worked, until she noticed something, anytime she wasn't looking (or so he thought) his eyes would wander to those fangirls he supposably hated. Whenever she wasn't present with him and his friends, he would get a little closer to Sakura. Anytime she asked if she could use his phone, he always looked nervous when she went through to check what she wanted.

How long had Sasuke been like this, and why did it take her so long to noticed that something wasn't right here. The more (Y/N) thought about the more it made sense, he didn't like it when she just showed up unannounced, he always had to invite her over whenever they hung out. His best friend Naruto always seemed to have a sympathetic look whenever he saw the two together.
(Y/N) didn't want to think she was so dense, but apparently she was if it took this long to figure out what's been going on.
Yet she stayed, Why did she stay with him even when she knew her boyfriend was a scumbag?
Because she was afraid of being alone again, she knew she should've just broke up with him, but she couldn't. As much as it hurt she didn't want to feel the burning loneliness she felt when she watched from the sidelines. She wanted to feel the warmth of having someone love you, even if it was as toxic as this. Or so she thought.

It wasn't until (Y/N) was walking outside of the school building, deciding to skip a few of her various classes with oh so great boyfriend. That when she met him. Gaara Sabaku, the schools bad boy, or dangerous boy, or the demon you should stay away from. He had various names, that she heard, even Sasuke warned her to stay away from him, for fear that he could very well kill her with no remorse.
Maybe that's why you started talking to him, even if you couldn't take your life by your own hands you were a little hopeful that he would. Maybe you just didn't want to continue the pain Sasuke kept putting you through, but you were too weak to leave him on your own. Or maybe it was because you wanted a change in scenery, everyone you usually hung around were so...fake. You liked that he didn't pretend to be anything, he was truthful that he was dangerous, and didn't try to lure you into anything without lying about it.
Whatever it was, you kept talking and hanging out with him, even more than you did with your own boyfriend, and the more you the more you both trusted and shared with each other. You told him more about your shitty relationship, and how you were in so much pain, but you had no idea what to do.
He told you about his family, and the death of his mother put a strain on his and his fathers relationship to the point where he just abandoned him and his siblings.
Trust wasn't something that came easily to both of you, maybe that's why it came to trusting each other so easily, as one went on he became bolder and started holding you and getting closer.
Was this cheating? Were you as bad as Sasuke? You hated that thought, but you felt so much more comfortable in his presence that you didn't want him to stop, and that's what made you feel even more guilty.
So after about 6 months of becoming closer, yet not ending your relationship, you deciding to end one. The one you chose was the one which made you feel like you were just as bad a scumbag as Uchiha.
However when you confronted him about it, his facial expression surprised you. It wasn't anger or bloodlust like you thought you'd see, but instead it was disappointment and sadness?
You didn't like seeing that, instead you opt to make that face go away, and explained why you wanted to stop. That's when he told you what he wanted you to do.
"I want you to end your relationship, and be with me instead"
which brings you back to the present.

Snapping out of your thoughts you stared at him unable to speak. "I-I can't-"

"Why not?" He pressed on moving forward towards you.

"I don't..." shutting your eyes you trembled, you didn't want to say you didn't want to experience the same thing with Sasuke, you felt like if it happened with Gaara you really would feel more crushed, and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it.


Your self destructive thoughts were cut off, when you felt arms wrap around you pull you into a chest. Immediately relaxing, as you recognize this feeling. The feeling of safety and security, the feeling that he couldn't hurt you even if he tried.

"I am not Uchiha, the only one I want is you" he spoke huskily in your ear making you shiver.

"I don't know if I can break up with him on my own-".

"Then let me help you" he cut you off, pulling you inside quickly to where Sasukes locker was.

Cringing when he looked at you, narrowing his eyes and even more angry when he saw your linked hands. After you two stopped in front of him, you started to go into a slight panic until Gaara rubbed your knuckles lightly with his thumb.

"(Y/N)? What is th-"

"I'm breaking up with you Sasuke" you said quickly, trying to calm yourself down.

"Your what? Why?" He asked, stepping forward only to be blocked by Gaara.

"I'm tired your constant cheating that's why" you started gaining more confidence the longer he stood with you.

"I thought we were over that-" he tried to gloss over it.

"This isn't about the one time I caught you, this about how you've been doing it throughout our whole relationship. You may have been able to hide it for a while, but you only made yourself look like more an ass than you already are. That's why..." you slowly closed your eyes and took a deep breath. "That's why, I'm finished with you and, moving with someone else"

"You can't be serious, your leaving me for him" his eyes narrowed, and we looked even more angry than before.

"I'm leaving a cheating asshole, for someone who actually wants me"

"You've been with him for how long? Doesn't that make you as bad as me?" He started resorting to trying to knock you down as more of a crowd gathered.

How dare he. "Maybe, but unlike you I didn't go around sleeping with a bunch of girls convincing each one you like them and that you'll leave me for them but just kept playing with their hearts" you retorted feeling more angry.

"Maybe if you actually put out, I wouldn't have messed around with others" he yelled, trying to protect his pride.

"I don't need a playboy telling me what I should've done, I'm done with you Uchiha and I utterly hate you" You seethed out before turning and going to walk away with Gaara, when you felt someone grab your arm.

"You're not leaving me!" Sasuke yelled, before being slammed back into the lockers behind him making a dent.

"Don't. Touch. Her" Gaara growled, leaving him dazed while pulling you along.


You two were sitting on the roof together, holding each other. Well Gaara was holding you, you just sat quietly. Thinking about what just happened, and what you wanted to say "I don't think I'm ready for a relationship" you started, when you felt him tense you continued on "at least not yet, if you willing can we take this slow?"

You felt him relax and kiss the back of your neck lightly making you blush "as long as I get to call you mine in the end"

A/N: I told you it's better than it sounds.


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