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Stfu and lemme be-

I haven't wrote lams for years you fu--

Ahem sorry, i luv u


I was jus at blood driving, awhile ago- and uh-

New chptr is coming from Diary of bloodlust and my other book-

And this is actually for artimisartsandreads cuz their "Lams oneshots" book are awesome (srry if u dont like smut-)

And yes here is john bottom

Cuz i need John more bottom in my life then actually everything.

Who is wit me?

*Raises hand* oh only me? *Lowers hand* uh- al..alright then!

Without further adiu-

Lets go-

Btw song is pretty-

Cheesy *insert lenny face*
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And also im trying to do new stuff-


This chptr without POV's???

I will try to do that-

If it sucks then I will be normal potato trashbag-

It wasnt for Alexander to be jelous.

Well its otherwise when we talk about John.

Alex was sipping bear from counter, looking at his boyfriend, who was dancing with other guys.

It was pretty sight. John grinding against taller and probably older man.

Alex was easily turned on by that.

He almost choked on beer when John was grinding on other man, and that man put his hands on his hips.

Alexander lost his nerve when the guy was whispering something on his ear.

Man put his arms, hugging John, who was pretty much uneasy, man licked his earlobe and started kissing his neck.

John shivered and looked at his boyfriend, Alex, who seemed turned on and amused, but being slefish fucker he is, he walked towards John.

He took Johns' hand, pulling him harder ti his chest.

"HEY!" man said angerly.

"Sorry pal, but that is mine. You might as well find yourself other one." Alexander said with victorous smirk.

Alex pulled John out of bar, leaving man shocked and angry.

"L..lexi! Stop your hurting me!!" John cried off once he was pulled tightly.

His wrist hurt. Well he knew Alex was cute when he was jelous or frustraded. But damn, John really messed up this time.

Once they came to their shared apartment, Alex knocked John down on floor, kissing his neck hungrily while John groaned with pain on his head.

"A..alex!" John groaned when Alex made his way to his soft spot, making a big and dark hickey, marking John that he is his territory. Only his. And no one else's.

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