Part 37

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Marcus: hey

Rebecca: Haven't I told you never to text me again?

Marcus: huh?

Rebecca: Go away.

Marcus: wait! i need to explain something

Rebecca: I am NOT talking to you after what you did to me. How do you think I felt, Marcus? 

Marcus: oh... 

Marcus: but this is important. please talk to me

Rebecca: Alright then. What do you want that's so important? 

Marcus: do you remember what happened to alissa four months ago?

Rebecca: Ugh. I don't wanna talk about it.

Marcus: this is serious

Rebecca: But you know I get upset when we bring Alissa up. We were so close.

Marcus: i know

Rebecca: Well why do you want to talk about her? Has she been found?

Marcus: no. but we think that she may have been kidnapped. and that same kidnapper has taken my brother

Rebecca: Marcus... we already know that Alfie is long gone.

Marcus: i dont believe it

Rebecca: I know it's hard.

Marcus: no, i don't believe it because i know

Rebecca: ..? 

Marcus: i saw them both

Rebecca: When?

Marcus: i was out shopping and i saw them with a man. they both seemed in a trance and had black hoodies on

Rebecca: Then how do you know it was them?

Marcus: it was my brother, rebecca. i think i know it's him when i see him

Rebecca: So what do you want me to do?

Marcus: help me find them

Rebecca: Why me? Get Pedro or Ashley to go with you.

Marcus: you know alissa more than anyone. youd be helpful

Rebecca: I really don't wanna talk to you, Marcus. I really don't.

Marcus: forget whatever happened in the past and meet me outside subway in town

Rebecca: You do remember... right?

Marcus: yeah of course but now is not the time. meet me in an hour

Rebecca: Ok. I'm leaving the house now, but why are you acting so strange?

Marcus: im not, am i?

Rebecca: Just a little.

Marcus: sorry. just worried about alfie, thats all

Rebecca: I understand. I'm coming to Subway now.

Marcus: ok. thats good

Rebecca: Marcus... this is you, right?

Marcus: why wouldnt it be?

Rebecca: Idk... you're just acting really strange.

Marcus: fine. dont help me find alissa and alfie then

Rebecca: No! I will. 

Marcus: good

Rebecca: I'm near Subway now, but I can't see you.

Marcus: you cant? im down the alleyway behind

Rebecca: This isn't you. I don't believe you.

Marcus: why?

Rebecca: Before I go around there, tell me what happened between me and Marcus.

Marcus: We broke up because I cheated on you with your best friend. Abigail Peters.

Rebecca: I'm going. 

Marcus: why? why wont you save your friends?

Rebecca: Because you've kidnapped Marcus too. 

Marcus: dont be stupid, rebecca. i know more about you if you dont believe me.

Rebecca: Alright then.

Marcus: Your full name is Rebecca Laura-Radcliffe, and you were born on the 15th April 2002. You have a younger sister called Jasmine Laura-Radcliffe and she is five years old.

Rebecca: Why has your grammar changed dramatically if this is only one person?

Marcus: foolish girl

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