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3rd pov pov

"I just can't believe he went for my daughter instead of me ,i mean he has been chasing me for god knows how long and then when he's finally okey in my eyes he goes for my daughter!!!!" A woman in her thirties though she looked older told her maid

"You know they broke up i think he's after your son now ma'am " the maid says

"Ew so he's into guys now that is disgusting! " the woman gags

"Anything else you need ma'am? " 'other than whining to me ' the maid thought

"Yes call that idiot for me "

"Ok ma'am "

The maid delayed a number and handed the phone to the woman
"You can leave now" the woman ordered. The maid left the room and closed the door behind her but she didn't go further in fact she glowed her ears to the castle like door snooping on their conversation.

"So are you really going for my good for nothing son "

" why do you care i already let you have one of my houses ,i don't need you to bug me any more you already gave me what i want "

" so you just used me to lie for you !"

"Well i didn't use you , we made a deal "



"WAit no pls "

"No you're no longer under my care go whore yourself out ,it's the only thing you're good at anyway. Slut"



Before yonseo could finish her sentence the sickening sound of beeping hit her ear .meaning that she is now homeless poor and alone .

On the other side of the room the maid was giggling to herself happy that her 'ma'am' is suffering . She quickly delayed a number ,in a matter of seconds the person answered the phone.

"Chim your mother just got kicked out of the house! "

"Really ,u-um does she have a place to stay in ?"

"Chim how many times did i tell you to 'not give a shit' about people like her , and plus I'm sure she's going to the whore house near by "

"Well then is he going to sell this house? "

"Ofc not !he's gonna keep it for deals like he did with her "

"Oh so are in charge now, right? "

"You bet !" The maid cheered

"So we can use it as a headquarters ?!"

"Yup , oh have you spoken to jandi yet "

"Yeah she has been helping me for a while "

"So she's joining great ! My two besties are coming over "

"If i get an excuse to go to America "

"Yeah I'm sure you're going to figure it out !!"

"Thanks i have to leave now "

"K bye have fun with the celebration "

"Ok tha- wait what you know about that?!"

"Every one knows, cute outfit by the way !"

"Cute WHAT !they posted the picture oh my god I'm going to kill them !!"

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