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"Yall i hate compulsive ass liars. Like is it that serious. I hate people who do shit for attention. Like nobody new who you were before me. I basically started your career. And let me ask you somethin, who got you your first interview to get you your first job to start YO dream life.......ME!
So i know she, we gon call her Lia cause ion wanna say her name, like i was sayin she told her side of the story but remember theres two fuckin sides. But every since she wanna go ahead and tell her story imma go ahead and tell mine. And now everybody wanna be on her sides but fuck all that shit cause this aint about no stupid ass sides.
Anyways ill admit in the video where "Lia" was like fuck Kayliee that we was just playin around and shit and the whole situation got blown outta proportion. It wasnt serious at all.
So after Kayliee posted her little shit I TOLD "Lia" to not even acknowledge her little temper on the fuckin internet.
She did it anyways and was like get yo girl or whatever the fuck she said. So im thinkin in my head like im not gon sit here and let you disrespect my girl like that cause arguin over the inernet is stupid ass ignorant shit. I know that cause people try to do that shit with me and im like whats the point when you can just drop a time and place and ill be there like Michael Jackson the fuck.
Im off topic, so anyways i told her about her disrespectful antics and we got over it. Couples days later, Kayliee stayin with us for a couple days cause ill admit id been distant but it was for a reason. I felt like she was hidin somethin or more like someone because id catch her with hickeys.
Im supposed to be your bestfriend so if you cant tell me that youve met someone that you like and might wanna get with as soon as it happens, then how am i supposed to feel? So id go over to Kayliees or go in my room and try to do stuff with my life while on tour break.
Anyways everytime id talk to her that night and basically everytime we'd talk id have an attitude with her. I know she noticed it but oh fuckin well.
Later that night she asked Kayliee to talk so i butted in and was like why and she basically told me to fuck off so i did. They talked and so now she wanna talk to me and fix our problems. And in my head im thinkin this yo last chance to tell me some shit i already know but off my intuition and not out yo mouth, ya know?
Im like if she dont tell me about her lil boyfriend or fuck buddy or whatever then imma kill her. Actually i never even told her i knew about it and its just now comin out my mouth for the first time on live. Anyways she called me out to talk about my attitude and how its been and i was like fuck it im bout to go ALL out with a horrible ass attitude and i did.
So fast foward to her lil live she did. First of all i NEVER once boosted Kayliees head to make her believe in any type of way that you wanted me.
Second of all i never really felt like you used me for fame UNTIL now.
Third of all i do actually think you are smart and you do put up for yo fuckin self and im not gon take that away from you.
You called me selfish and i put myself on a high pedestal, NIGGA im lightskin im always in my feelings over some shit so i never even had a pedestal. You the selfish one because you made me feel some type of way like you dont trust me with yo love life but you can trust me for anything else. That puts me in a postiton where i feel like you basically dont fuckin like me or some shit.
I stay quiet about a lot of shit. I get upset easily. And maybe i do need to shut the fuck up sometimes or take the attitude somewhere or make nice or some shit but im not the only fuckin one like nigga this shit aint sweet.
Tryna make it seem like oh Nahmir started all this shit cmon now.
Anyways im just gon say this i love you and i hope you live great "Lia". You always have a place in a young lightskin nigga heart. Keep shinin and winin.
As for my fans and shit thank yall. I made it cause of yall and imma do it cause of yall. I appreciate yall so much. Love yall, Bye."

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