♡Bruises|Part Three♡

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Michael gave you a sad look before standing up, walking out with Karen. Once the door had closed behind them, Daniel walked up to you with a sour look on his face.

"Your friends are meddling," he snarled a little. "I don't like them,"

"Well too bad," you mumbled before he quickly brought his hands to your throat.

Your eyes widened as he looked into your eyes, instilling a sense of fear in you. At that moment, he portrayed the image of a killer. And he certainly was capable of it.

"You will never talk like that to me," he took a moment, looking at all of your features. "Again,"


The next day, you were feeling a teeny bit better. Daniel hadn't pulled any stunts, and for that - you were grateful to the heavens above. As volatile as he was, he hadn't hit you for over twelve hours - that was an achievement. For who, however, you weren't sure.

You walked into the studio, quickly catching the eye of your friend, Karen. When you saw her, you tried to act as if nothing had happened the day before.

"(Y/N)," she said when she saw you walk in. You let out a sigh and looked at her, readjusting your handbag. "What was that yesterday?" she searched your eyes for an answer.

"I....look, I'm sorry," you looked away. "But I had to. Who knows what danger you guys could be in? Daniel is a killer. And I know it," you looked back at her. "I don't want you or Michael to be in danger,"

"Michael's worried about you, and so am I," she dropped her voice to a whisper as several other team members looked your way. "You can't keep doing this! Protecting a criminal!"

"I'm trying to protect you guys!" you began to tear up. Suddenly, you heard footsteps approaching you, and when you turned your head - Michael was standing before you. He took your hand and practically pulled you out of the studio, much to everyone's shock. Your eyes widened as he led you outside, quickly letting go of your hand once he did so.

"Michael, I-"

"Look, (Y/N) - I don't know a whole lot about you," he looked into your eyes. But I do know that you don't deserve to be treated this way by the monster that you call your boyfriend," he whispered.

You frowned, looking into his eyes. He was so kind, and so thoughtful. But you just couldn't risk it.

"You need to leave him," he said. "And I can help you,"

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