Harry's POV


I opened the giant door into the house with a huge goofy grin on my face. It had been my first day of kindergarten and it was SO much fun! I could not wait to tell Papa about what we did today and about all the friends I made! I quietly shut the door behind me and slipped my shoes off. I bent down and put my backpack on the floor and started making my way towards the kitchen. I shook my curls out of my eyes as I reached the door. I walked through and saw Papa sitting down at the table with a bottle of beer. I looked at the grey haired, aging man with loving green eyes.  

"Papa! Today was so much fun!" I exclaimed as he swung his blue eyes towards me. They looked slightly angry but I ignored it and continued on, "I made a bunch of new friends and we played on the playground together! We were playing this game where everyone was swinging and if you were swinging exactly like the other person, you were married! And then, Papa-" I was cut off when Papa violently hit his beer bottle against the table causing it to shatter in half. I gasped as Papa stood up.  

"Don't call me that, you little bastard!" He screamed at me. I whimpered and cowered away. I was scared. Papa looked really angry. His blue eyes were darken with hatred and his hand was clentched tightly around one half on the beer bottle.  

"B-but P-papa" I studdered out but was cut off yet again.  

"I told you not to call me that, you filthy pig!" He roared then threw the bottle at me. I yelped when I felt the ragged edges cut into my chest. I let out a whimper then my body started to shake violent as I start to sob. It hurt so much. Papa grabbed the front of my shirt and lifted me up and off the ground. As I dangled from my shirt, I let out another whimper as I tried my best to get away from him. However, his grip was too strong and me pulled me right up to his pale face. "If you ever call me that again, I will make sure you don't reach another birthday, you got that boy?" He threatened menacingly. I shivered from the coldness in his voice. I had no doubt that he would keep his word. I nodded quickly as the quick tears soaked my face. "good." Papa, or Steve now, threw me to the ground. Once my body hit the hard, cold floor I curled up into a little tight ball and cried into my small hands. Steve looked down at me and let a bitter laugh out. He mumbled out the word weak and then kicked me hard in the ribs before walking out which just caused another round of fresh tears.  


My eyes snapped open as I shot up in bed. My heart was trying to beat out of my chest while I looked around the darkened room. Calm down, Harry. You're at your Mum's house. Steve isn't here. It was weird. I use to never have these horrid flashbacks. However, ever since I met Louis Everytime I closed my eyes Steve would appear and haunt my dreams. I raced my hands through my tangled curls. I wrinkled my nose in disgust when I felt sweat sticking to my hair. I looked down and realized that I was sweating everywhere. Even my bed was all wet from it. I suppose that's what happens when you have a nightmare. I winced. Well not a nightmare, but more a memory. That was the first time I remember Steve hurting me. I knew that, that wasn't the first time, but just the first time that I was old enough to remember him doing it. Well, Steve was right about one thing; I was a filthy pig. I pulled the sheets away from my sticky body and stood up to take a shower.

After the shower, I got dressed in a Jack Wills dark blue hoodie and some black baggy jeans. Once I fixed my hair I looked at the time. Perfect. It was time to go to Niall's house. I had asked Mum about it the night before and she said I could go. I think she was just happy because I was making friends. I walked down the stairs and right out the door. I wasn't hungry for breakfast and Mum wasn't there to make me eat any. Mum never let me leave the house without eating it. I was pretty sure that she was worried I didn't eat enough. Which was understandable for when she first saw me you could easily see my bones. I gained a couple pounds since then, but in some places bones were still visible.