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First of all this is the second part of the Harrison series, you can easily find the first part which is 'Silas Harrison's Ex-Wife' on my profile. I have few thing to say.

1- As I always say, English is not my first language, therefore, there will be thousands of Grammatical mistakes in the book but I ensure you all that I will get this book edited after completing it.

2- No offence but my last book's concept was stolen by few of many authors at Wattpad. Concepts include few chapters and so. I know my book is total chick-lit, a total cliche. Why would anyone copy my concept blah blah blah. Besides all these things 'my concept was being used in many other books'. I hope no one will try to steal this book's concept. (I'm sorry if I have offended anyone).

3- I may update slow due to my studies and all.

I really hope you all will enjoy reading this book :) Thank you for choosing Harrison Series to read :)


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