If Time Stood Still

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If time stood still

For only a moment or two

I'd tell you everything I know

And all my feelings for you

If for only a momen

Time would give a halt

I'd give you the reasons

Why it wasn't my fault

Frozen for a moment

I'd speak only to you

I love the way we fit together

Like 1 + 1 = 2

I'd tell you not to kiss me

No matter how much I want you to

Because you have to remember

You have a girl that loves you

I'd freeze time on a shooting star

And watch the heavens glow

Then I'd wish I could turn back time

To tell you what you need to know

But I can't freeze time

Or make it go back

I can only tell you that I'm here

And give you the comfort that you lack

I'm not worth loosing her

And you say you're not good enough

But stay with her until it ends

Or else things will get rough

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