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minkyung walked to her first class, thinking about yebin's words. what was going on? she passed nayoung in the hallway and stopped her, pulling her aside.

"yes? please make this quick i really have to get to class."

"did i... really have amnesia?" nayoung's eyes widened as she looked around the room. "w-who told you? your parents told me to make sure you didn't find out and—"

"i don't CARE what my parents said. we're almost in college, nayoung unnie. i know you're like my mother but seriously... why wouldn't you tell me?" nayoung looked and me guiltily, upset at her self perhaps.

"i—i wanted to make it easier for you. it'd be best if.. you didn't know your past." minkyung looked at her, dead in the eyes so nayoung knew she was serious about what she was about to reply. "unnie," she started, pausing for a minute. "you didn't even tell me about my own girlfriend?"

"she died!" nayoung interjected definitively, and minkyung rolled her eyes. the younger was about reply when nayoung quickly said, "anyways, i have to go to class. bye roro!"

"yeah. bye," minkyung muttered underneath her breath, pulling out her phone to see that she still had ten minutes before class started.

"hmm... maybe..." minkyung said quietly, grinning to herself.

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