A Protest

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Black heads bop up and down

As far as the eye can see

As one they march down the street

There's strength in unity

They chorus together and shout as one

For freedom is all they need

Be smart, little Blanker

Their warnings you should heed

A shot rings out, the dark crowd stops

Soldiers tell them to go

But the sea of people still remains

Disbelieving of their foe

Machines in hand, as black as night

The army guns them down

That's when the current runs away

So fast that you could drown

One by one, the bodies fall

And no one comes to help

The blood stains the city streets

The only sound a quiet yelp

Alone and cold, they lay to rest

Salty tears drip slowly down

If there ever was a horrid place

It was within this little town

Young child, be silent now

For the worst is yet to come

At least your heart's still beating

Beating like a drum

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