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minkyung walked to school, confused and yet strangely intrigued by the other's message. what does she mean google it? why would there be information of her on the web?

minkyung opened up the safari app, getting ready to google whatever she could. forgetting the other's name, she quickly went to k.y's message and reread her messages from the previous night. kang yebin. kang yebin. kang yebin.

minkyung went to the safari app, confused as to why the name was so familiar. kang yebin she typed, and was surprised to see over a hundred results. she clicked on one of the links, only to be taken to a news webpage.

kang yebin, age 16 found dead in her home. she, supposedly, was murdered by a gun, the police had thoroughly investigated and found a gunshot where her heart was. the main suspect is a girl named "park chaeyoung" and is now going to court as the assumed murderer. new information to come as we gather more info on the case.


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