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"Goodbye, (Y/N), I don't know when I'll be back again," Michael spoke as he looked into your eyes. His hands sat on your waist as you sniffled. "But it's better that I go, it's not safe for us to be together," he shook his head. "It's not safe for you and Mirah,"

You threw your arms around him, you never wanted to let him go. He rubbed your back as the tears streamed down his face as well. The two of you pulled away before Michael turned to look at his seven year old daughter, your little girl.

"Are you leaving, daddy?" she frowned.

Michael knelt down, pulling her close as he kissed her cheek. "I'll never leave, Mirah, you'll always be here," he pointed to the left side of her chest. "In your heart,"

"I love you, daddy," she began to cry.

It broke your heart to see her like that, and you turned around because you couldn't bear the sight. Suddenly, in the distance - you could see a field, and several people held large cameras. They seemed to be recording you.

In fact, they even seemed to be moving closer to you.

"Hey!" you called, frowning. "Stop!" you yelled. "Stop!"


"Stop!" you yelled, sitting up in your bed. You let out a breath, you had been dreaming - yet again. It had been five days since your husband, Michael, left in a bid to keep you and your daughter safe.

Since Michael was an internationally recognized icon, many people were out to get him, and he didn't want to put you, nor Mirah, at risk of such danger.

Beads of sweat had formed along your forehead, and you brought your hand up to your mouth - inhaling deeply. The tears began to stream down your face again as you sobbed silently. Michael had been your everything, and now, you didn't know where he was.

And yes, you had argued with him - and you had begged for him to stay. But he wouldn't. He loved you and Mirah too much.

After a moment, you heard a soft knock against your bedroom door before it opened to reveal your little girl. You quickly wiped away your tears as she walked up to the bed. She managed to hoist herself up, and she crawled up to lay on your lap.

"Don't cry, mommy," she spoke, making you smile a little. "I miss daddy too,"

You let out a small laugh, bringing your hands to caress her head gently. As she snuggled up to you, you leaned your head back against the headboard - letting your mind wander.

Were you really going to carry on without Michael?

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