Dear God

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Dear God, tonight Mommy told me

"Wish apon that star."

But the star she pointed at

Looked very very far

Dear god, my Daddy said to me

"Life is never fair."

Is that why he hit me?

And pulled me by my hair?

God, Chris, my boyfriend used to beg and plead

"Baby, it's you I love. Will we be okay?"

Is that why I found him

With another the previous day?

Lord God, my brother, Calvin

Left the world last week

Will I see him in heaven

If love is all I seek?

God, Mommy promised me

That thing's will be alright

But I had to keep hidden

While she screamed through the night

Dear God, my Mommy left me too

All Daddy does is cry

He told me it was my fault

And I deserve to die

Tonight he has an axe, God

He's serious this time

I hope Mommy was right

She said it would be fine

Dear God, I miss my friends

And everything is cold

Daddy will make me stay here

Until I'm grey and old

Dear God, I am afraid

This may be my last note

Daddy has a gun tonight

And it's pointed to my throat

God, the pain is white-hot

There's cuts down my arm

Why aren't you protecting me

And keeping me from harm?

Lord God, I miss my Mommy

I'm drowning in my blood

My Daddy said he hated me

And left me in the mud

Dear God, everything's okay now

Mommy and Calvin are here

They say that this is heaven

And Daddy's no where near

Lord God, I want to thank you

For all that you have done

I now know that life was a contest

And it is I that has won

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