A Letter To Mom

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Dear mom, this letter's for you

Not to tell you, how much I hate you

But just to ask how it feels

To live in a sky of blue

Did it hurt, when you died?

I'm now teased at school

For wearing what I want

And not what's cool

I pierced my nose and eyebrow

And dot a new tattoo

But please don't be mad

It's dedicated to you

Black is all I wear now

Sometimes with some read

It's not the work I hate

It's the people that I dread

Mommy, they call me emo

Because I cut my wrist

I'm a social outcast

Everyday I'm dissed

Would they love me, Mommy

If they knew the truth?

That I was never like this

Not even in my youth

I miss you Mommy dearest

Things just aren't the same

Horrible are the things they say

Some to gruesome to name

A slut and whore, I'm called

But I don't understand

I've never had a boyfriend

No man has touched my hand

Why did you leave me, Mom?

Cutting is all I do

It will always make me think

I'm one stp closer to you

Mommy, the scars mock me

They make me want to die

How can I live in this world

When all I know is a lie?

I'm tired of being alone, Momma

I'm coming to see you

Just to let you know Mommy

I'll always love you too

Ma, you never told me

How much dying hurts

My cuts all ripped open

And people shove them in the dirt

I smiled today, Mommy

Because all I see is light

We're together again Mom

Will you hold me tight?

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