Two: What if?

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Beeeep..... Beeeeep..... Beeeep

"Ugh" I turn on my side to press my phone to stop the alarm from continuing to go. "Shit, school, hangover, no" I say talking to myself as I open my eyes.

"Never took you as someone who talks to themselves" a husky morning vice says from beside me.

I jump and scream in shock plunging myself right to the end of the bed and access my surroundings.

Holy shit. I'm in Finn fucking Wolfhards bed.

I look down at my attire and silently thank god that I'm in a oversized shirt with boxers.

Wait but where are my clothes.

"Your clothes are in the wash" Finn states, its as if he read my mind. "No you just said it out loud."

Fuck, did I speak out loud?

"Yep" he says chuckling a hit while I blush bright red.

"Um, how did I get here?" I ask, trying to change the subject.

"Oh you got piss drunk last night. What do you remember last?" He says moving to the side so his elbow is holding his cheek, as I sit cross legged opposite him.

"Uhhh, the last thing I remember is making out with you and then doing a keg stand." I then realise, I made out with Finn Wolfhard.

"Ok well after that you were really tipsy, but you did hold a keg stand for an impressive 56 seconds. Anyway after that you dance some more with me, got people to take picture of us and then realised that we are at the beach and made a big deal on how we should go swimming. So we went swimming, then Sadie called you after we got out asking if you wanted to go home, but you decided that you wanted to go home with me.

"So then Sadie gave me this big lecture on how if I touch you she will personally cut off my fingers and make sure I can never have kids. I didn't mention that we made out by the way. And that's how we are here and in my bed, with new clothes on because I didn't think it was a good idea for you to sleep in wet, uncomfortable clothes. So your welcome" he finishes flashing me his million dollar smile.

"Thank you for everything, but how do you remember all of that?" I ask confused.

"I stopped drinking after you did your keg stand. Your really little so I assumed that you were light weight, which you are, and I jump didn't want you to be taken advantage of or anything"

"T-thank you" I say not knowing what else to say. "I genuinely feel the need to repay you"

"Well actually there is" he says looking at me dead in the eye with his stupid smirk on his lips.

"What?" I ask feeling my voice go smaller.

"So you and saggytits broke up aye?" I laugh at the nickname he gave him and nod my head. "It's obvious that you are trying to get over him and aren't succeeding that much"

I stop and look at him with a worried look and nodded my head again shamefully.

"Well I was thinking, what if we help each other?"

"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

"What if we fake date?"

"W-W-What!" I yell, slamming my hands down on his bed.

"What if we fake date to help each other. I mean you want to get over Jacob and probably show him that your the bigger person who can get anyone you want, and well why not do it with me? The school quarterback and heartbreaker." He says smirking and moving his hand so it's holding mine.

Ignore the tingles that burn through your arm Millie, ignore them.

"What's in it for you?" I ask, then feeling proud of myself that I didn't stutter when saying that.

"I don't want to be the heartbreaker anymore Millie. I don't want to come back to high school reunions and people to only remember me as the heartbreaker. And having a girlfriend, that will squash the stereotype of me being a heartbreaker." He says whilst intertwining his fingers with mine.

I way out my options, either I can not date Finn and spend the rest of my junior year lonely whilst being forced to look at Jacob and his perfect new girlfriend.


I could date Finn and watch Jacob get jealous but break his heart by not forgiving him. Also be able to walk around with a really hot guy.

I think we know which one wins.

"Fine, lets fake date" I say before he smiles widely and tackles me into a hug.

You may be thinking that the stories moving way to fast but it's a massive story line so just work with me.
Ok love you all and hope you enjoyed! Xx

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