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Eccendentesiast (noun): Someone who hides behind a smile.

Eccendentesiast (noun): Someone who hides behind a smile

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"Here." I handed Jennie the box of macaroons.

"Huh?" Her eyes grew wide as if I bought her a new car. "Wow, thank you so much!"

"You're really that happy?" I laughed at her. I noticed the small baby bump that was starting to form.

"Yeah! It's been so long since you bought me something... I'll definitely enjoy this while studying," She adored the cute packaging. "By the way, what happened to your lip?"

"Huh? I just tripped somewhere. It's not that bad."

"Oh, okay."

"I'll go wash up now, I guess..." I tried to avoid the awkward situation.

"Um... Hyunjin, would you be interested in opening a small business with me? Like I can sell it in school, so that we can have extra money..."


"Really?" She had this big stupid smile on her face. "Like, a baking business?"

"Yeah, why not-" before I could finish off my sentence, she hugged me. Weird enough, I felt knots in my stomach... but not because I'm disgusted. It's the same feeling I got when I asked her out for the first time.

"Thank you. I really do appreciate it," Jennie buried her face on the crook of my neck. "You smell really good."

"Oh, uh... thanks." I awkwardly stuttered while pushing her away.

"Goodnight." She waved before going into her room.



"Why do you hate Nayeon all of a sudden? Did something happen between you two?" I asked Sky while going window shopping.

"Not to me, but to someone else that I know. She's a fucking snake- I can't deal with bitches like her. She disgusts me."

"Woah! Hash words, Kang Jiyeon. Maybe you should go talk to her about it."

"I did. She just got mad and started saying useless shit- she makes no sense too! Just everything about her is so ugly, except her face... but yeah. I really hate her."

"I can't just drop her for no reason..."

"Yes, you can. You really should," Sky suddenly stopped walking and gave me a hug. "I just don't want you to get hurt... I know it won't be easy on you."

"Why? Is it about me?" I suddenly got the hint. "What did she say?"

"Nothing- it's not about you," Sky looked away and continued walking. "Just... stay away from her. It's for the best."

"Alright, but I won't make it so obvious. I don't want to start any drama." I sighed.

"Be careful, okay?"

"Okay," I nodded and smiled at my best friend. The only person I could lean on even through my toughest days. "I love you so much, Sky."

"Stop! Don't make me gay again," She teased and we both ended up laughing. "Just kidding, my gay friend. I love you too. So much."

"I wish you were Hyunjin. My life would be so much better- maybe I should have married you instead, but you chose Felix over me." I stuck my tongue out at her, and she just laughed.

"By the way, how's it going with you and Hyunjin?" Sky's tone suddenly changed.

"He brought me home some macaroons yesterday! I thought he didn't care anymore... but I was wrong. He still thinks of me." I smiled like an idiot.

"Oh, he did? That's nice..." She had this pained expression on her face.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. What else? Did he say anything or..." She tilted her head to the side.

"Well, he agreed to do a baking business with me. For extra income and such."

"Business? That's quite shocking," Sky laughed. "I'll be your first costumer."



Sky and I parted ways at the subway station, and looked for our rides separately.

I got inside the subway, and it was packed. The only vacant seat was the pink seat, which is usually saved for pregnant women. I guess today's my lucky day.

I sat in that seat, and people looked at me weirdly. Am I not pregnant enough? I mean, I already do have a baby bump... but no one could see it because I'm wearing an oversized sweatshirt.

"Disrespectful... teenagers nowadays." One lady whispered to her friend and they both nodded. I decided to close my eyes to block out all the nasty looks, but I could still hear everything...

"Didn't you hear what I said? Get up!" A man with a heavily pregnant wife came screaming at me, so I stood up but he pushed me onto the ground.

People laughed at me, stared at me, told me that I deserved it... they made a fool out of me. Once again, I felt out of place. Like I don't belong here. Like I don't belong anywhere.

I'm so used to being alone.

I'm so used to being the antagonist that nobody wants... and in movies, most antagonist get swept away.

They disappear.


I saw this post yesterday and I wheezed so hard bc its so accurate asgwhw

I saw this post yesterday and I wheezed so hard bc its so accurate asgwhw

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