Great Danger

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I shrieked in panic, frantically pushing against his chest so he'd let me go.
His lips were like silver against mine, the touch burned hotter than being branded as I tried to pull away, tears building up in my eyes.
Finally he let go and I jumped back hitting the back of the closet with a large thud.
My knees buckled under me and I slid down the wall whimpering as I covered my numb lips.
I looked up at him through my tears in absolute fear, but then stopped.
His lips looked burned far worse than mine felt.
Everything seemed to click into place at that moment. The connection between Nate and I...we were mates.
If a werewolf kissed someone who wasn't their mate, usually it would be fine, unless they found their mate and then kissed some one else. It would burn their lips. It was a punishment for adultery.
My lips however healed slowly, where as his, stayed burned.
Of course mine healed, I wasn't the one cheating on my mate, He was.
He glared down at me before spitting on the ground.
"I should've known."
He grabbed my arm pulling me up to stand, but I was still shaking too badly, he had to sit me on my bed.
"You're not allowed to leave this room for the rest of your stay. And if you disobey me. I. Will. Kill. You. I don't care when, and I don't care how." He growled as I bit my lip still covering it with one hand so he couldn't kiss me again.
He huffed at that before opening my door and walking out, slamming it closed.
I winced at the sound before tears poured down my cheeks.
How had I let that happen? How could I let that happen? I may be an Omega but I was stronger than that, wasn't I?
I covered my face with both hands my hair making a curtain around me.
What would happen to Nate now? Would the Alpha kill him now after finding out we were mates? Why would he? Does he hate me that much?
I wanted to see Nate, but if the Alpha caught me sneaking back he'd kill me

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